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Let’s make it official–2023 is the year for leveling up! Navigating the corporate world or any professional workplace can be tricky, especially if you aren’t confident in your image and style. Therefore, increasing your executive presence is crucial if you’ve recently been promoted, transitioned to a different job or role, looking for a job, branding […]

How to Increase Your Executive Presence in 2023

Image Management, Personal Style, Simply Polished

There is a connection between how we look and how we feel. Our image and style aren’t solely dependent on our physical appearance and features–it’s how we carry ourselves, what we communicate to the world, and how authentic we feel in our skin. I have gone through most of my personal and professional life using […]

3 Reasons Why Your Personal Style Can Professionally Hold You Back

Image Management, Personal Style, Simply Polished

If there is anything I try to get my clients to understand most–it’s that personal style and confidence are interconnected. It is difficult to have one without the other. Our personal style is developed by understanding our taste preferences, what looks best on us, and how to easily create outfits for any occasion. It’s all […]

Why Personal Style and Confidence Go Hand in Hand

Image Management, Personal Style, Simply Polished

As a woman, I know how hard we can be on ourselves. But, as an image consultant and style coach, I see the struggles some women face regarding confidence and self-esteem. Now, I know it’s easier said than done–but we need to own our style and use our confidence as our superpower! As professional women, […]

How to Overcome Feeling Insecure About Your Image

Image Management, Personal Style, Simply Polished

Being fully confident in yourself is a journey, but committing to working on yourself is one of the most worthy and rewarding investments you can make in your life! As a Professional Image Development Coach–I feel empowered to enable women to take their professional image seriously and use it to help them thrive in their […]

3 Style Tips to Feel Powerful and Confident in Business

Image Management, Personal Style, Simply Polished

I’ve never met a woman that did not want to feel beautiful and authentic, have you? One thing I’ve learned is that easy-to-follow routines are the key to maintaining a polished appearance. So I want to tell you about some habits that will ensure you feel more and more attractive by the day. The journey […]

5 Habits to Feel Your Most Beautiful and Authentic Self

Beauty & Health, Personal Style

A lot of what makes your personal style stand out is the confidence you wear along with it and learning how to overcome feeling insecure can be a part of that. A fabulous outfit is nothing if you don’t feel like you are on top of the world while wearing it. You also don’t have […]

How to Overcome Feeling Insecure Without Changing Who You Are

Image Management, Personal Style

Wondering why you no longer love your closet is a common occurrence among women. This usually happens around the same time of going through a big change. Living through times of COVID was definitely a big change that no one was ready for. Truthfully, lockdown sabotaged our wardrobes. If you did any clothing shopping at […]

This is Why You No Longer Love Your Closet After COVID

Image Management, Personal Style

Living through the year 2020 means that worldwide we all faced the same issue… how to confidently get dressed for a new type of morning! In a time when we all lived locked in, there was absolutely no need for formal attire. In fact, with news reports every day about a voraciously spreading global pandemic […]

How to Counter the 5 Reasons Why You Couldn’t Confidently Get Dressed During COVID

Image Management

I always love learning from fellow female entrepreneurs in all industries, so when I was asked to join Samantha McCoy for an episode on her podcast, Confidence & Creativity, I delightfully accepted. I’m always talking about the amazing powerful women I am blessed to serve through my career and Samantha is, indeed, one of them! […]

Featured on Confidence & Creativity with Samantha McCoy

Events, Image Management

While I cannot expect you to feel attractive and instantly confident overnight, I can teach you about some habits that can help you feel more and more attractive each day. Being fully confident in yourself is a journey, but committing to working on yourself is one of the most worthy investments in life! Of course, […]

Feel Attractive and Confident Always with the Help of These 5 Habits

Simply Polished

Being self-conscious and insecure about the way you dress has the power to stop you from living your best life! Raise your hand if you’re a person that would rather stay in sweats because you don’t have the right outfit to wear. Well, I’m talking to you, my friend! Not everyone is overly obsessed with […]

How Feeling Insecure About The Way You Dress Is Stopping You From Living Your Best Life

Image Management, Personal Style, Simply Polished

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