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A lot of what makes your personal style stand out is the confidence you wear along with it and learning how to overcome feeling insecure can be a part of that. A fabulous outfit is nothing if you don’t feel like you are on top of the world while wearing it. You also don’t have to change who you are for the sake of fashion.


YOU wear the clothes... NEVER let the clothes wear you!

Clothing is just fabric and you should never let pieces of fabric define you. You decide the image you want to portray that’ll help you achieve your dreams and goals.

You need to learn to harness your power of individual style to kick your confidence into full throttle. Now if you’re reading this and wondering “Okay… but how?” then you’re in the right place.

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Curating a wardrobe that makes you feel amazing is all about learning your personal style rules. When you are completely confident while shopping and know which silhouettes, fabric weights and colors compliment you, then you will realize that you hold the power!

All these fashion brands love to pump trends out at lightning speed, but once you know what you look amazing in, you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed or pressured to try out all the trends. Because let’s be honest, that’s an exhausting way to live!

You are timeless! So let me share the 3 steps to take to help overcome feeling insecure in your style.


Simply said, own your personal style and make no apologies about it! Everyone has a personal taste level. Some women will say they don’t, but they truly do. Take the time to explore your personal taste. Find inspiration on the web, in magazines, or my—favorite place—Pinterest.

Personal Development | Learn How to Overcome Feeling Insecure - Image of woman in a ponytail looking out the window


Color is powerful! It has the power to evoke feelings and take 10 pounds off of you. When you are wearing the right colors, trust me, they flatter! All colors are not equal when it comes to you. So stop buying your favorite item in every color that it’s available in. The goal when you wear color is to flatter you. So take note of the colors you are wearing when you get compliments, or when you yourself feel and look beautiful and energized!


Audit your wardrobe every season! Don’t waste your precious time beating yourself up over the clothes that never worked out or no longer fit. Get that stuff out of sight and out of mind. Your wardrobe should be filled with items you love that function for your lifestyle. When your wardrobe is filled with all the right items, how can you make a mistake?

How to Overcome Feeling Insecure - Image of woman looking out the window

Now go on and dress confidently because life is too short to own a closet that makes you feel insecure. As always, if you are interested in taking a course with me to discover all your personal style rules, contact me. I have 1 on 1 services as well as a group coaching program, so there are ways to nail your style down for everyone!

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