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In today's competitive global marketplace, regardless of whether you are working in a corporate environment or you are an entrepreneur, your personal appearance matters!

Did you know that 75% of your first impression is based on how you look? At any given times our bodies are covered 80% by clothing. Therefore, we have got to make it count!

Are you tired of your professional appearance holding you back?

Deep down inside, you know all you need is the knowledge and a detailed strategy to level up your professional appearance so you can finally be able to look the part confidently every day!

That's why I've created the Level Up Workshop to help you develop a clear, confident, professional, and polished image. It is crucial that our wardrobe aligns with our lifestyle and taste preferences. It enables us feel confident in our own skin and let others know we mean business!

You know that you are qualified and driven; therefore, it’s time to look as impressive as you really are. Working on your image and style means matching your skill level and talent to how you look.

Develop your personalized

a live 1-day virtual workshop

You are ready to develop a strategic plan to level up

You are ready to control how you are perceived

You are ready to look as impressive as you know you are

You know your professional image is holding you back

You are ready to look the part every day with ease

You desire to define your professional image and style


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(Spots are limited)

professional image strategy
Executive Presence
First Impressions
Professional Goal Setting
Personal Brand Statement
Wardrobe/Lifestyle Balance
Updated Dress Codes
Style Personalities
Wardrobe Capsules
Grooming Rituals
And more…

This workshop will cover:

Commit To Leveling Up How You Show Up Today!

"Don't let another day go by where you're still not looking the part."

I want in!

1. a three hour group virtual live training session with me where I walk you through how to manage your image and style for years to come.

2. Expert guidance as you develop your Polished ID™ Blueprint, your personalized road map to creating a professional presence that makes an impact!

3. A Q&A session where you can ask me anything related to leveling up your professional image and style.

4. Exclusive workbooks to explore and refine your current style and image needs, so you know EXACTLY what to do to take your image and style to the next level based on your goals.

5. A detailed walkthrough of what steps you need to take your wardrobe to the next level, and make a powerful first impression for success.

P.S. There is a replay included! (Just in case you cannot make the live workshop)

you will receive:

(Spots are limited)

What Participants Have To Say...

It's one thing to know what you need to do. It is another to have a plan for what you need to do. Thank you, Robin, for giving me an attainable plan I can use, and re-use, to elevate how I show up to meetings, events, benefits and in life!

"Thank you for giving me an attainable plan I can use, and re-use..."

I. Ivory

This course is a great reset for making sure your outward appearance matches what you want to project. Robin is passionate about her craft! She is an inspiration and her course inspires you to be your best self! 

"This workshop was an amazing reset.

R. Morgan

The workshop has given me the confidence I needed to upgrade my look without feeling out of place. Robin made me feel good about entering into my second phase of life without looking or feeling "frumpy". Polished The Level Up Workshop was a great investment for ME! 

"The Level Up Workshop was a great investment for ME! "

W. McGraw

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In 2008 Robin left the corporate fashion world and put her passion behind a new
labor of love: Polished, a full service personal styling and corporate image consulting agency.

Robin's experience in the fashion industry spans over twenty five years and has included positions ranging from Executive Department Store Buyer, Magazine Creative Director, International Production Manager, and more.

A certified image consultant who received intensive training in London, her personal clients include high achieving female executives, diplomats, judges, attorneys, doctors, authors, news anchors and any woman that is ready to get her style back on track!

Robin has also been featured on CNN, FOX, NBC, Redbook, The Epoch Times, Washingtonian, Capital Files Magazine, Modern Luxury, and more.

Fashion industry veteran and expert Robin Fisher is one of the leading image consultants in the Washington DC Metro area. 

MEET Robin Fisher

Image Consultant and Personal Stylist to professional women ready to "Level Up How They Show Up!"

HELLO. I'm Robin.