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As your career and lifestyle evolves, sometimes your image and style can't keep up.

At Polished, we support our clients through life's many transitions. We help you arrive at each new milestone with the poise and confidence that can only come from looking your best. We help you reconnect with your style based on who you are today and who you wish to be tomorrow. 

You are in the right place if you are

ready to
look the part.

ready to
become visible.

ready to be
more confident.

ready to communicate
who you are.

Has your life changed, but your personal style has not evolved with it?

Wonder Why some items look better on a hanger?

Wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear?

the trajectory of my career and life changed the day I committed to looking the part! - R. Fisher.

The Polished ID™ Method was developed to guide and reconnect you with your personal style and image. Serving First Ladies of State, Diplomats, CEOS, Entrepreneurs, our proven approach honors everything unique about you.

knowing your polished id™ takes the guess work out of getting dressed


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Your “Polished ID” isn’t arbitrary – it’s a natural expression of you. It’s defined and determined by assessing and analyzing your personal attributes, qualities, tastes and goals.

MAINTAIN - Develop customized rituals to maintain your updated image and style to ensure you always look the part! It's all about getting dressed with confidence and ease in the morning.


CREATE - Create powerful outfits effortlessly with the right wardrobe items for you! Feeling confident in you clothes is all about respecting your personal taste level and lifestyle. 


UPDATE -  Update your wardrobe with the classic foundation items every woman needs, and layer in those fashion pieces needed to level up your image  and style for success.


EDIT -  Edit out the items that are no longer working in your wardrobe, so you can see the good stuff and take the stress out of your life! When you know your fashion rules this is easy to do.


REFINE - Refine the fabrics, silhouettes, colors, and details you wear to create a style that is effortlessly Polished and perfect for you to look the part! It's not about losing the weight, it's about knowing what you need.


DEFINE -  Define your personal taste level and current wardrobe needs, so you can develop a wardrobe that works for your current lifestyle and goals. This is the foundation for your Polished ID.


the polished id™ method


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Polished id™

Define + Refine + Edit

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Your personal image and style are how you present yourself to the world and has the power to shape your reputation (aka your personal brand).

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed in the morning and not looking The Part? Then, it's time to define and learn your Style Rules based on YOU!

The In-Depth Style and Image Consultation is an intensive two-hour virtual consultation developed to assist you in gaining clarity on your personal taste level and defining what makes your beauty unique to the world. This, my friend, is your POLISHED ID and the first building block to developing an individual personal image and style that truly defines the essence of you!

To get started, you will complete a detailed questionnaire to help the POLISHED stylist analyze your lifestyle, goals, objectives, wardrobe needs, and personal style preferences. 

The consultation will include a full-color analysis to determine the colors that enhance your body chemistry and personal markup. A custom color palette will be created exclusively for you. This palette will guide you at retail to ensure you never pick a bad color for YOU again!

The next phase of the consultation is to analyze your body type, silhouette, and scale to determine the appropriate fabrics and apparel pieces that will make you look your personal best.

Lastly, your Style Personality type will be defined and analyzed to ensure that you make better apparel and accessory choices in the future and develop a fabulous working wardrobe for your unique image and lifestyle. At the end of the consultation, you will be presented with your POLISHED ID premium personalized style report, which has been developed to assist you during your style and image transition. So you will always have your fashion rules at your fingertips! You will use all that you learn for years to come.

During the consultation you will learn:

• How to honor your personal taste and easily create outfits
• How to confidently dress your body so you look your best
• How to build a wardrobe that works for your current lifestyle
• How to wear colors and details that enhance your natural beauty
• What shopping locations are best for you based on your needs
• What you need to do during the year to always look the part

After your In-Depth Style Consultation, you can confidently make better apparel and accessory choices at retail, saving you time, money, and stress. Filling your wardrobe with only the items you LOVE. It's time to easily get dressed in the morning and love what you see in the mirror...

You will be armed with the knowledge and awareness to continue your image and style journey on your own or with us - You will know what works for you and what doesn’t moving forward.

Within 24 hours, you will receive a personalized POLISHED ID REPORT with all your results for future reference, a basic wardrobe list, and the annual POLISHED style and image management calendar.

always guessing? define your unique polished id™.

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Virtual Shopping

Update + Create + Maintain

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As a professional woman, your style can be a powerful strategy for success. It can influence how you're perceived by peers, superiors, and clientele. It can also help to open you up to new opportunities.

Approximately 75-80% of your body is covered in clothing at any given time; it's our largest communication tool.

Clothing tells a story about who you are and what you're all about. You might even say that you're (quite literally) wearing your expertise on your sleeve...

Enjoy the convenience of shopping from your own home once you receive a perfectly curated collection of items to update your style and image for the season.

Let me help you take the stress out of getting dressed in the morning by ensuring your wardrobe has the right items for your taste level and lifestyle.

Update your wardrobe with items you love because they will be the right fit, color, and style for you to take your image to the next level!

Includes the following:

• 30 Min. Prep Consultation (Zoom)
• Wardrobe/Lifestyle Balance Assessment
• 30 Min. Capsule Review (Zoom)
• 75 Highly curated Items Based On Your Current Needs
• 4 Styled Looks For The Fashion Season (To get you started)

* Returning clients receive a special VIP price.

hate shopping? No problem I've got you covered.

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I Need The Works!

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Are you ready to upgrade your Personal Brand and walk into the office confidently, knowing that you are looking "The Part"? 

It's time for you to get more visible and feel confident doing so! It's time to define and refine your powerful and unique POLISHED ID™.

This package is for the professional woman ready to feel just as confident about their appearance as they do their skill level. She knows it's time to Level Up!

How you present yourself to the world matters because it lets people know who you are and how you feel about yourself!

This package is loaded with everything you need to:

• Learn Your Personal Style Rules
• Understand How To Dress Your Body
• Master Your Natural Coloring
• Clear The Clutter From Your Current Wardrobe
• Confidently Shop To Build A Capsule Wardrobe For Your Current Lifestyle
• Easily create Outfits You Need To Make You Look and Feel Amazing Everyday!

Package Includes:

1. A 3 Hour VIP Day (In-Depth Polished ID™ Consultation + Wardrobe Audit)

The consultation will include an In-Depth Style Personality Analysis, a custom color analysis with a custom color palette created exclusively for you, and a body type, silhouette, and scale analysis to determine the appropriate fabrics and apparel pieces that will make you look your personal best.

During the Wardrobe Audit portion of our meeting, we will review your closet and remove the items that are no longer working by identifying the holes in your wardrobe and your current needs.

2. Virtual Shopping Capsule

After your VIP Style and Image Day, we will set another 30 min appointment to review a curated collection of 100+ items hand-picked just for you to shop from. Items will be chosen based on your Style Personality, current lifestyle, needs, and budget. 

3. Style Session + Fill In The Gaps
After you receive all your items, we will schedule a 60 min Style Session to coordinate looks and determine if you need a few more curated fashion items to fill in the gaps to ensure your wardrobe is updated and functioning!

* You will receive a personalized Polished ID Report and customized color palette after your consultation to support and guide you during your future shopping needs. You will be armed with the knowledge and awareness to continue your image and style journey on your own or with us - You will know what works for you and what doesn't moving forward.

VIP Style And Image Development Package


Professional Development

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At the heart of every organization’s success lies the professional image and development of its employees. As your company’s most valuable asset, it’s imperative that your employees are appropriately dressed and make a strong first impression.

Whether your company’s dress code is traditional, business casual, uniformed, or somewhere in between, employees often struggle with balancing an updated, individual style with a professional corporate dress code. We offer solutions to this dilemma with programs and services that bridge the gap between your organizations dress requirements and your employees’ individual style. With extensive international and domestic business experience as an executive department store buyer and a successful entrepreneur, Robin Fisher understands what it takes to develop well-dressed, confident leaders with a POLISHED ID™.

Each program and service is customized to the specific needs of each organization’s corporate identity and its staff, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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My clients call me their secret weapon!

I use my proven POLISHED ID METHOD to teach women their personal style rules and how to navigate, and define the world of fashion on their terms.

My clients become their own Fashion Editor! I don't want them to be dependent on me.
(this is where the confidence comes from)

I know for a fact that any woman, regardless of their size, shape or age, can have a personal style that makes them feel confident and look fabulous!


This my friend, is your POLISHED ID™.

Lover of fashion, passionate about personal image, and former fashion executive now dedicated to assisting professional women level up!

Hi, I'm Robin.

MEET YOUR image strategist

Image Consultant and Personal Stylist to professional women ready to "Level Up How They Show Up!"

HELLO. I'm Robin.