You're Tired Of Feeling Insecure And Not Liking What You See In The Mirror.

You’ve looked at the current fashion blogs, subscribed to fashion and beauty box companies, and used a free department store stylist or two; but your wardrobe is still a mess and you don’t have a good idea of what looks good on you and why!

You’ve been wondering how you would feel if every morning when you opened your closet, you had exactly what you needed to feel confident and look amazing in the skin you are currently in!

Your closet is filled with outdated and/or ill fitting clothes and you feel overwhelmed because you know there are seven different versions of you hiding in there.

Looking and feeling amazing everyday without stress is absolutely possible if you learn your personal style rules using the The Polished Method; a system that I have been teaching to hundreds of amazing women around the world for over 10 years.

Life can be challenging and sometimes your personal style just can’t keep up. Trust me, I’ve been where you are and you deserve to: 

Look amazing everyday in the skin you are currently in.

Walk into the room confidently knowing you’re looking the part!

Embrace and express your personal style and define it on your terms.

Elevate your image and position yourself professionally with confidence.

Level up your appearance to match the woman that you have become.

After working with hundreds of high achieving professional women, I’ve noticed there are five mistakes they often make before deciding to work with me.

Does any of this sound familiar?

It’s time to get it together and start loving what you see gazing back at you in the mirror.

You know that once you understand your personal style rules, you’ll be able to manage your style and image yourself.

You’ll finally be able to shop for amazing items on your own and confidently get dressed in the morning in looks you love! 

Are you ready to become your own Personal Style Editor?

Hey, I'm Robin!

• You waste money and time purchasing items that ultimately you never wear.

• You have items you love, but you don’t know how to coordinate them into an outfit.

• You’re holding on to outdated, damaged or ill fitting items, thinking you can make them work - but they never do!

• You’re waiting to lose weight to update your style because you are not happy with what you see in the mirror everyday; which ultimately makes you feel worse.

• You’re wearing unflattering silhouettes and colors that age you making you appear frumpy; which is why you’d rather stay at home instead of going out.



A 6 Week Coaching Program designed to help you update your personal style and image, and become your own personal Style Editor.

(Learn to do what I do for clients, for yourself)

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Module Two

Refine the fabrics, silhouettes, colors, and details you wear to create a style that is effortlessly Polished and perfect for you.

refine your fashion needs:

Module One

Define your personal taste level and current wardrobe needs, so you can develop a wardrobe that works for your current lifestyle.

define your personal taste:

Module Four

Update your wardrobe with the essential basic items every woman needs and layer those individual fashion pieces needed to make your style and wardrobe your own.

update your wardrobe:

Module Three

Module five

Edit out the items that are no longer working in your wardrobe, so you can see the good stuff and take the stress out of your life!

Learn how to create amazing outfits effortlessly with a simple 1-2-3 formula that works for every occasion!

edit & Purge your wardrobe:

create amazing outfits:


You'll also receive...



Personalized Style Report and body analysis 

Private Shopping Page 

Receive a detailed report of your personal taste level at the beginning of the Program to act as your guide, as you learn your personal style rules.

Access to a private page updated weekly with seasonal merchandise to purchase to update your wardrobe and create the seasonal looks you love!


in-depth color analysis and color palette 

Receive your customized Color Palette in the mail to use as a guide to ensure you never wear the wrong color again.


6 Weekly LIVE video group sessions 

Get all your style questions answered weekly by Robin and her style team! Learn your personal style rules with support.


Private facebook community 

Participate in a private Facebook community that provides a safe space to network and connect with other women while getting your style back on track!

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The color palette that Robin created for me is a life saver! Robin defined  my style personality and identified the right silhouettes for my body. I was able to create a capsule wardrobe that makes my mornings easy! For someone who needs to look good, but doesn't like the fuss, her program is a life changer!

The Polished systems have
saved me so much time, Money and Stress. I hate to shop!

K. Martin

I became a Polished client over ten years ago, and it was one of the best decisions that I could have made as a woman. The truth is she has taught me how to become my own stylist so I don’t have to rely on her whenever I need to update my closet. Learning how to dress my curves, my style personality, and the colors that are best for me makes shopping so easy.

Working with Robin has been nothing short of life changing!

S. Manns

Polished totally changed my life!  Being a mom of 6, I lost a part of myself over the years. Through working with Robin, I rediscovered who I am as a woman and entrepreneur. Your personal style is your key to success. It can be the difference between a yes or a no.

I rediscovered who I am as a woman and entrepreneur.

K. Carryl

Don't just take my word for it!

Robin Fisher

Robin Fisher’s unmatched Polished Method™ can show any woman how to take control of her image by embracing her body, developing personal style, and making daily decisions to feel her most confident. She knows this to be true because she was her first client—and now through more than two decades of research, development and refinement, she has helped hundreds of women across the globe to do the same. 

A former fashion executive turned boss businesswoman, Robin spent twenty-five years in fashion before making the professional pivot to build Polished Image and Style, one of the leading style and image consulting firms in the Washington Metro area. Unrivaled in her industry, Robin’s comprehensive signature system is one that took more than two decades to develop, refine, and perfect. Based on her own personal and professional principles for success in career and in life, The Polished Method™ is redefining the way high-achieving women approach personal image and style. And there isn’t a woman who works with her who will not walk away completely transformed.

Whether she meets a woman who has a goal of becoming the best-dressed mom on the football field or commanding the conference room at the office, Robin can teach her the power of personal style. And she is extraordinary at what she does because her mission is simple: to show women what it takes to have whatever they want—and look damn good doing it! 

Feel disconnected from your style and desire to look amazing everyday.

Feel insecure about your appearance and are ready to master your personal style.

Want to learn how to easily create outfits you love for every occasion in your life. 

Want to confidently learn how to shop for yourself, so you no longer waste time and money.

Are satisfied with your current appearance and don’t feel the need to update.

Are not ready to say goodbye to items in your wardrobe that no longer function.

Only want to shop designer high end brands and not develop a signature style.

Are not ready to add simple routines to your life to maintain your new updated style and image.



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Here Are Some Other Clients That Have Experienced
The Polished Method!

You provided me with rules and structure to apply to my clothing and accessories choices, which was a game changer for me! Now I look polished every day! I’ve even gone so far as to download a closet app to help me mix and match outfits so mornings are so much easier! 

Robin gave me the guidance and resources I needed to refresh my wardrobe and overall appearance with intention and confidence. Our initial consultation was thoroughly informative, body positive, and fun. I came away with a practical set of clear guidelines I will use season after season.

I’ve been wearing my new pieces—and getting a lot of compliments! My work colleagues have definitely noticed. It’s exciting to have so many high quality options, taking the guess work out of what I wear each day.

Robin educated me about how to dress for my style personality and also about my color palette. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without knowing this information! I am so thankful that I found Robin! She is an absolute genius at what she does. 

"identifying my style has given me a level of confidence I couldn’t have imagined!"

"I called on Polished Image when I was getting ready to start a new job in a new city."

"I'm so happy that I 
found you!"

"I now have a great capsule wardrobe that involves zero guesswork!"

S. Morrow

K. raney

T. Hart

L. Harris

With every new outfit, I feel more and more like myself. People even compliment my weight loss even though I've maintained the same weight. My attitude about myself has changed. Your understanding and empathy for what it means to be a working mother who has to invest time back into themselves is inspiring.

"You broke down all the things I should be wearing, colors, styles and made shopping so much easier for me!"

C. Matthews-Teichroew

I have had so much fun wearing my new casual clothes to a concert on Friday and business casual to a dinner on Sunday. Your style advice is invaluable and time with you is a great investment in myself. I have some swagger in my step.

"Wow--the clothes are a big hit with my husband!" 

B. Kaiser

The time to apply is now. Don’t let another day go by with you feeling insecure.

You’re tired of stressing about how you look...

It’s exhausting freaking out every morning because you don’t know what to wear...

It’s frustrating watching other women look effortlessly stylish ...

It sucks constantly wondering if I look appropriate for my job and social events...

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