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The services, product and programs have been developed to support our clients through life's many transitions. We help you arrive at each new milestone with poise and confidence that can only come from looking your best. Let Polished assist you in getting dressed in the morning without all the stress!

POLISHED is the leading image consulting and styling agency in the Washington DC Metro area. for Over a decade, We Have been  dedicated to assisting women develop the confident and individual style they desire.

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No two people on this Earth were created the same. By honoring your individual personality, lifestyle and body, you can create a personal style that is confident, timeless and unique to you.

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Hi, I'm Robin Fisher and I am a game changer! I teach women their personal style rules and how to navigate, and define the world of fashion on their terms. My clients become their own Fashion Editor!

I know for a fact that any woman, regardless of their size, shape or age, can have a personal style that makes them feel confident and look fabulous!

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· Wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear?

· Wonder Why some items look better on a hanger?

· Stuck in a fashion rut, and need help determining why?

· Has your life changed, but your personal style has not evolved with it?

Has your career and lifestyle evolved, but your look hasn’t? Let me help you to reset your personal style, revamp your closet and refresh your wardrobe.

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K. Raney

I called on Polished Image when I was getting ready to start a new job in a new city. Working with Robin gave me the guidance and resources I needed to refresh my wardrobe and overall appearance with intention and confidence. Our initial consultation was thoroughly informative, body positive, and fun. I came away with a practical set of clear guidelines I will use season after season. And the Virtual Pull was a terrific follow up - it gave me a jump start and introduced me to new online stores and designers I just love. I also was able to edit my existing wardrobe with clarity around what worked and what didn't and *why*, freeing me to let go of many things that really weren't Me at all.

"I love how confident and put together I feel going in the office now."

C. Matthews

Since our meeting, my attitude about myself has changed. Not only are your pointers greatly appreciated, but your understanding and empathy for what it means to be a working mother who has to invest time back into themselves is inspiring. While I am an exhausted mommy, you have given me the tools to not look like it AND receive unsolicited compliments to get me through the day. 

"You broke down all the things I should be wearing, colors, and styles and made shopping so much easier for me."

T. Hart

My work colleagues have definitely noticed.  It’s exciting to have so many high quality options, taking the guess work out of what I wear each day. So happy I found you.

Thank you!!

"I’ve been wearing my new pieces—and getting a lot of compliments!"

H. Snead

You have renewed confidence in me! My mother-in-law just visited and said it looked like a lost a lot of weight (I haven’t, it’s the clothes).- The jogger pants I really thought I was going to hate are now a weekend staple. I’m so glad you got me out of my comfort zone. I do not find myself struggling between the office and kid sporting events anymore.  Thank you!

"I’m so glad you got me out of my comfort zone"

B. Kaiser

"Wow--the clothes are a big hit with my husband! And my daughter tried to steal that green jacket as soon as I got home (I didn't let her!). I had so much fun wearing my new casual clothes to a concert on Friday and business casual to a dinner on Sunday. And here at work this morning I have gotten many compliments already."

"I have some swagger in my step!!!"

client love

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