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Listen, we’ve all been lacking when it comes to fashion this past year, so I’ve formulated the Five Day Style Challenge to help us all get back to feeling ourselves! Especially for those who were living in sweats once lockdown came around, separating from those comfy clothes is not easy. But somebody has to tell you, it’s time to get up and GET DRESSED!

Let’s go over a few of the reasons why we need to get ourselves together and ready to venture back out into the world:

1. We can’t conduct business in our pajamas or old sweats.

2. We care about how we represent ourselves and first impressions matter!

3. We’ve changed and our wardrobe needs to reflect who we have become.

4. We need to look good now, regardless of any weight gain (ugh).

5. We are ready to start living again and confidently step back out into the world (#realtalk)!

Style Challenge - Reclaim Your Style and Image! | Image of Robin smiling wearing silver layered necklaces and a pink blouse

Just like anything, no need to get overwhelmed about your closet. The more overwhelming we find putting outfits together, the less we’ll want to actually do it. So, I’ve broken it down in the new Style Challenge.

Don’t forget that after going through the year we all did, our lifestyles have emerged differently. And with that, our wardrobe needs to evolve as well. In other words, style was the last thing on all of our minds during a global pandemic.

The positive impacts that taking control of your personal style and image can have on your life include confidently:

  • Reducing stress in the morning
  • Dressing appropriately for any occasion
  • Walking into a room knowing you are looking the part
  • Saving money when shopping because you understand your needs
Style Challenge - Reclaim Your Style in Just Five Days! | Image of Robin smiling wearing layered silver necklaces and a pink blouse

Participants in the 5 Day Style Challenge will receive an email each day for 5 days with thought provoking videos and worksheets that will help them develop a personalized plan to update and reconnect with their current wardrobe. Consequently, participants will feel more confident and ready to get their style in check to look and feel amazing moving forward!

If you are ready to reclaim your personal style, then click the button below to register for the FREE 5 Day Style Challenge. Surely no one wants to continue feeling BLAH, so don’t hesitate!

Start the challenge today, and If you are curious about other programs and services that Polished offers to up level your style and image, click HERE. Without a doubt, making the decision to prioritize your confidence will benefit your life in endless aspects.

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5 Day Free Style Challenge - Image of a flat lay of clothing including a turtleneck with a necklace, nude pumps, linen trousers, cream clutch, and a pink lipstick

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