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Woman looking into her closet with her hands on her hips

Wondering why you no longer love your closet is a common occurrence among women. This usually happens around the same time of going through a big change. Living through times of COVID was definitely a big change that no one was ready for.

Truthfully, lockdown sabotaged our wardrobes. If you did any clothing shopping at all during that time, you may be realizing you ordered one too many pairs of sweats. Perhaps your body has gone through changes which is normal when you’re faced with unexpected prolonged periods of stress.

Wardrobe Blues - Why Your Wardrobe is No Longer Working! | Woman looking in her closet with hands on her hips

Whether you are returning to your pre-pandemic life or are still navigating a change in direction you decided to make recently, you may feel that your wardrobe just isn’t up to par with who you are anymore. Again, this is NORMAL! Let’s go over the reasons why you are feeling this way and how to combat it.


It’s a fact that we never truly stop growing up. As we grow and make changes in our lives, we need to make sure that our wardrobe is keeping up with our new lifestyles. When a sudden major lifestyle change occurs, it really shakes up how we want to be portrayed and our new goals. So no wonder a global pandemic has left you feeling like your wardrobe just isn’t you anymore.


The woman you see in the mirror has been through a lot, but she is still standing and as beautiful as ever! Respect your body because it’s the only one you’ve got! Find some brands you LOVE, so you can rock fashion in a way that makes you feel amazing. How you view yourself and what you say about yourself affects you. So always be kind with your words and thoughts because you can be your very own built-in best friend!

Personal Style - Hating Your Wardrobe? | Woman looking in her closet with hands on her hips


Anyone who’s basically lived in sweats and yoga pants for the majority of last year is bound to feel lost when it comes to dressing up again. Your sense of style may have completely changed and you would never know since you were rocking loungewear the entire time. Just take some time to rediscover your sense of style and you’ll be back on track to confidently dressing like your authentic self again!


Work towards exuding confidence! Be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come. There’s no one like you, so own it by practicing these 5 habits to feel more confident and attractive daily.


If you are not a lover of lists and planning, then this one may sound crazy to you. But I promise, planning out your outfits based on your schedule is life changing! This tip is so important that I’ve made a button for the link so you can’t miss it! Click the button below to download the Weekly Wardrobe Planning worksheet. If you love it, try planning for a week or two ahead of time, or even a month. I guarantee that it will help you confidently get dressed.

Feeling disconnected from your wardrobe? | Woman looking in her closet with hands on her hips

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