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The Best Advice to Dressing Better - Respect Your Body

A frequently asked question is what is the best advice to dressing better, and my answer is always… listen to a little Aretha and RESPECT your body! One thing I know for a fact is that women are their own harshest critic when it comes to dressing our bodies! As women, we will naturally go up and down the scale. That in no way means that you cannot get dressed to impress and love what you see in the mirror while knowing you have a few pounds to lose.

The Polished woman is anywhere between a size 00 – 26. And let me tell you, each and every one can confidently serve a look! Especially after learning their style rules, coloring, and best retailers/labels for their personal taste level. However, before some women reach that type of style confidence, we have to change our mindset and start to respect and love our bodies just as they are!

We all wish we could have our teen body back, but the cold hard truth is it’s not coming back! So we need to get on with it!

Women Who Respect their Bodies Dress Better

So many times women complain about how they look in their clothes, when it’s truly because they are choosing the wrong garments. It’s hard to dress when you are unaware of your body type, natural coloring and style personality. Basically, “it’s not you girl, it’s the clothes!”

I’ve been every size between a perfect industry fit model size 6/8 and a plus size 20. I found my most confidence at a size 16/18 because I finally started accepting my true body and committed to dressing it fabulously no matter what the scale said. This was a big mindset shift for me, but one of the most powerful things I ever did for myself.

When it comes to the best advice to dressing better, here are three mindset shifts I recommend you make if you’re tired of waiting to lose weight to look good. This advice will help you get to business and ROCK IT just the way you are today! Life is too short not to feel beautiful everyday.


Honor your body – The best fitting garments skim your natural body’s outline. Therefore, you need to employ a tailor and have your garments altered to fit your body. Don’t leave the perfect fit up to the designer.

Body types don’t change as you go up and down the scale. If you are a triangle, you were born a triangle and the same goes for the other body types. 


Take good care of your body – As women, we deal with the roller coaster of hormones and estrogen that alone make our bust size fluctuate year after year. Consequently, schedule yourself an annual fitting. Nothing makes you stand taller than a great fitting bra.

Also, don’t forget your bottom half. Find your favorite cut and brand of underwear that give you the support you desire and stick with them!


Don’t disrespect your body – Be kind to yourself and your body! Don’t beat it up everyday by staring at a closet full of clothes that no longer fit. Fold those items down until further notice and invest in key pieces that fit your body perfectly the way it is now!

When you open your closet, you should be looking at an assortment of clothes that flatter. Every item should be the best cut, color, and style just for you!

The Best Advice to Dressing Better - Respect Your Body

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