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Trends can often make you feel like you are behind, but by reviewing your wardrobe every season, you can stay on top of your style. You don’t even need to necessarily follow the trends to look good all year round. That’s just what the fashion industry wants you to think! How else do you think they earn their paychecks?

Ideally, you should be reviewing your wardrobe before each season. If you are an organizing champ, then it helps you clear up space by putting away and storing what you won’t need. Reversely, if you tend to love spending on your wardrobe, it’s a chance to get rid of what you no longer love and make room for updated beautiful pieces.

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If you ask me, there are no cons to going through your closet, only pros. And once you get into the habit of it, it will become much easier. Plus, you’ll feel like a new-and-improved you every time you do it!

Let me give you five more reasons, in case you aren’t convinced, as to why you should be reviewing your wardrobe every season:

1. As you and your life evolve, it’s important that your wardrobe evolves with it to function!

Whether you notice or not, your life is constantly changing. Your wardrobe has to keep up with the woman you are becoming or else you’ll end up feeling lost and out of touch with your personal style and image.

2. Clothes are a part of a person’s personal expression. When you look in your closet it should bring you joy, not overwhelm you. So if your closet is bringing you stress, it’s time to get those blah items out of there.

This is something that all women can relate to. Perhaps it’s a piece of clothing you’ve been hanging on to that you used to love, but know you will never wear again. Or maybe it’s an impulse buy with the tags still intact because you bought it not knowing what to pair with it and still have no clue. You never want to make your style a chore because then you’ll be less inclined to work on it. Simplify!

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3. Fit is everything! If it doesn’t fit, get the items out of sight and out of mind. Don’t abuse yourself everyday by looking at items that no longer fit. You can look amazing at any size. Trust me, I’ve done it!

Tailoring is the key to rocking clothes that look like they were made for you. Very rarely, if ever, you will come across clothing that will fit and flatter you in all the right places. If that does happen, make note of the brand or designer because that will be your new best friend when shopping! Besides, you should always celebrate your body! It’s the beautiful vessel that has gotten you this far, so treat it with love, care, and respect. You truly can look amazing at any size, it’s just a matter of learning what fabrics, patterns and colors mesh well with your lifestyle and style goals.

4. Nothing makes a woman feel better more than an updated look that she loves. Fashion and trends are real. So as trends fade out, the items associated with them should fade out also.

Simply said, trends are the main thing that can date us. Which is why I always advise against dressing in strictly trends all the time. First of all, that must be exhausting! Secondly, it can really burn through your wallet quickly if you become fixated on keeping up with trends.

5. Dress for success! Make sure you are making the best first impression based on your goals. Don’t look into your closet and get confused about who you are representing to the world. Take your image into your own hands and rock it!

You are the conductor of your own life! And your wardrobe is a beautiful tool you can use to guide your life in the direction you desire. Embrace your power by putting serious thought into your wardrobe so you can attract all you desire in life.

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