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Not only are dresses the perfect Summer outfit, but throwing on a dress is just easy! It’s a no brainer when you want to save time on getting dressed. Deciding on a dress for the day is much quicker than coordinating a top and a bottom.

Of course, you should always top it off with accessories. But if your dress is busy with patterns, then the only addition you may need is a gorgeous lip color or eye shadow.

Also, if you’re going on a tropical vacation, dresses are the best item to pack to save luggage space. More importantly, if you’re spending $50 or less on dresses, that leaves you with more money in your budget to spend on mementos and experiences while on your trip!

Summer Dresses - Look Amazing for under $50 | Woman with natural makeup posed resting her chin on her knuckles

Especially for women who lean more towards feminine and romantic styles, dresses really help to channel your inner goddess. If dresses are your thing, then prepare to add to cart because these styles won’t last long!


Personal Style - Summer dresses for under $50! | Woman in natural makeup posed resting her chin on her knuckles


Did any of the Summer dresses under $50 make you want to let your hair down and unleash the goddess in you? We’d love to see it, so if you happen to post on social media wearing your dress, please tag @polishedimage on either Instagram or Facebook!

Update your style with Summer dresses under $50! | Woman in natural makeup posed resting her chin on her knuckles

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