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Special Guest: Robin Fisher
Confidence & Creativity with Samantha McCoy
How to Wear Your Confidence: Showing Up Boldly Inside and Out

I always love learning from fellow female entrepreneurs in all industries, so when I was asked to join Samantha McCoy for an episode on her podcast, Confidence & Creativity, I delightfully accepted. I’m always talking about the amazing powerful women I am blessed to serve through my career and Samantha is, indeed, one of them!

The importance that clothing holds is often overlooked. Understandably so, especially when a woman gets busy raising a family, rocking her career and trying to make the best of everything life throws at her. As a woman, you get to choose how people see you. So make sure your outfits reflect that! Plus, nobody has time to second guess or feel insecure.

How to Show Up with Confidence - Showing Up Boldly Inside and Out
Featured on Samantha McCoy podcast

Samantha McCoy is a public relations powerhouse running her own communications firm, a previous Polished client, and a woman striving to empower other women through her new podcast that’s all about sharing the nitty gritty on how to succeed in business! This episode is dedicated to your personal style as a woman.

Confidence & Creativity with Samantha McCoy
Special Guest: Robin Fisher

Style can get you places, while lack of style can hinder your growth. Growing up, you constantly grow out of your clothes. Did you know that once you develop as a woman, while you may not be outgrowing clothes size-wise as often, you will be outgrowing styles. There comes a time when you no longer want to teeter around in stilettos. That doesn’t mean you have to stop feeling sexy! Finding pieces that you love and wear well will turn up the volume on your confidence.

Want to hear me talk about why it’s important to wear your confidence and the power that your clothing holds? You can listen here or click the button below to watch it on YouTube.

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