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Just because you may be conducting business virtually, does not mean you get to skip on updating your WFH wardrobe capsule! We are approaching a new season after all, and you know what that means. Head over to your closet to take inventory, purge and update.

By now, you should know that to look amazing on Zoom is all about dressing best from the waist up. Wearing a sloppy t-shirt everyday is a no-go for business hours at home. Aside from hindering your productivity, not looking the part will hurt your confidence too. Think about it. You encounter more mirrors in your home than you do at the office, so if your appearance doesn’t spark joy, your mood will be affected.

Work from Home Wardrobe Capsule

Now I’m not telling you to get dressed to the nines. You know your company’s dress code, so be sure to always abide by that. Of course, throw on a comfortable tailored blazer during important meetings or when speaking with executives. Other than formal exceptions, polished business casual looks are appropriate.

As always, creating a capsule helps you to easily put outfits together everyday without all the stress. So I’ve created a guide that you can download for FREE to help you curate your Spring/Summer WFH wardrobe capsule! Your capsule should consist of great quality pieces that can be paired easily and dressed up with accessories and makeup.

*click* The Work from Home Wardrobe Capsule

So let’s begin…

Take a good look at what’s in your closet (many pieces you probably already own) and click the button below to start creating a WFH capsule you’ll love this Spring/Summer:

The best part about your WFH capsule is you don’t solely have to limit those outfits to working from home. They can easily be incorporated into your date nights, swinging by the school drop off/pick up line, socially distant outings and all other casual occasions you have going on this upcoming season.

Don’t forget that the webcam plays a huge role in how your image is portrayed during virtual meetings. The joys of technology, right? But no worries, I’ll also share some tips on how to ensure you look your absolute best on Zoom!

*click here* How to Create Your WFH Wardrobe Capsule

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