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I know some of you may not want to hear this, but looking professional on Zoom matters! No matter what your work from home (WFH) situation is, I can guarantee that wearing sweatpants to clock in everyday is not benefitting you!

Trust me. Although some businesses have transitioned to fully virtual communications, you can still make an impactful presence. So impactful, in fact, that it may earn you a raise or promotion! After all, you take your job seriously. You should also take your professional presence seriously.

Stay Zoom Ready! With These 3 Steps

Consider these 3 easy steps to looking professional on Zoom and be ready to stand out in the best way possible during business hours:

1. Wear a Commanding Color

Wearing a color that flatters your skin tone ensures you have a strong presence in the webcam. If you opt for a neutral color such as grey, black, navy blue, or white, then bring your A game with your makeup and rock a bold lip!

2. Accessorize with a Statement

Adding a statement necklace or jazzy pair of earrings to your look will draw viewers attention to your face which will make sure they listen to you. Let’s be honest, staring at a computer screen is very different from in person meetings. So in the most professional and classy way, literally “give them something to look at!”

3. Adjust Your Camera

As human beings, we can only do so much to be camera ready. So manipulate your camera and lighting to give the best image possible. Stack your webcam or laptop on a few books to elevate your camera. This will give the illusion of a slimmer and more engaged face with direct eye contact. And if natural light is not possible, place a lamp or ring light behind your screen. You may need to remove the lamp shade for its full illuminating effect.

Stay Zoom Ready! Manage Your Online Professional Presence in 3 Easy Steps

Now that you know how to maintain a striking professional presence on Zoom, you can go conduct business confidently! If you’re looking to redefine your professional style through your own personalized style strategy, I recommend taking the #GetYourStyleBack Quiz.

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