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It is absolutely necessary for a Polished woman to have a personal style strategy. Why? Because Polished women always have a plan! Also, it makes getting dressed a breeze and you do not have time to waste!

Another perk of having a style strategy is that you will be able to look put together at all times. And when you’ve got a million other things to do on your list, you’re going to want to save time in the closet!

Stressed and wasting time in the morning getting dressed? You need a personal style strategy...

Using a person style strategy will help to streamline your morning routine. Here are the 3 steps you need to include in your personal style strategy:

Clear the Clutter

The largest amount of time wasted in a woman’s closet is spent doting on old clothes. Clear it out! Anything that you’ve not worn in over a year, and frankly don’t like… BYE! Items that have never been worn and still have tags hanging have got to go too! Yes, I am calling you out, but don’t take it too personal because we ALL do it. It also has something to do with being kind to yourself. I recommend that if you are planning or are in the process of losing weight, go ahead and keep those clothes that are a size or 2 too small, but fold them down and place them in the back of your closet. By putting them away, out of sight, you will be able to confidently dress yourself the perfect way you are right this very moment.

Have a Plan

Now I know what you’re thinking. Easier said than done. But I’ve made planning easy! Use the Weekly Wardrobe Planning Worksheet to plan out proper attire for the week. Think of it like meal prep for your fashion choices. It’ll save you so much time and is a great organizing tool for those who are motivated by lists. Also, seeing what types of events or meetings you have going on during the week helps to pick outfits that are appropriate for each occasion. I even encourage you to go as far a pre-hanging those looks so you don’t have to sift through your closet looking for pieces when it’s time to get ready.

Respect the Basics

Getting back to the basics is my favorite. When you have solid well fitting basics, you can anchor any fashion pieces or accessories with ease. I’m talking pants and tops in solid neutral colors (black, navy, grey, white, and cream) as well as solid colors on your palette. A necessary collection of these basics in your wardrobe is called a basics capsule. While teaching women how to curate a total personalized wardrobe capsule is one of my specialties, now that folks are working from home, creating a functional WFH wardrobe capsule is necessary to maintaining your professional image and personal style!

how to Cut Your Style Stress - Develop a Strategy!

If you’re wanting more guidance on how to get your wardrobe in line and make your style strategy work for you, contact Polished. Our team will be eager to help!

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