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Being fully confident in yourself is a journey, but committing to working on yourself is one of the most worthy and rewarding investments you can make in your life! As a Professional Image Development Coach–I feel empowered to enable women to take their professional image seriously and use it to help them thrive in their workplace. When you use your image and style as your superpower and a communication tool in the business world–you will see that it brings opportunities and respect that you wouldn’t otherwise receive if you didn’t feel powerful and confident in your own skin. Therefore, I want to share with you 3 style tips to feel powerful and confident in business so that you are making a lasting impression and impact, and most importantly, feel good about yourself.

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Tip 1: Practice simple beauty rituals to refresh skin, hair, nails, and maintain natural beauty.

It is important to not only focus on our clothes–but to also practice self-care. When you take care of yourself and appearance by practicing a healthy and balanced lifestyle–your mind and body will thank you for it. Things such as drinking more water, sleeping, face masks, manicures/pedicures, and occasional hair appointments will leave you feeling pampered and beautiful. When we look good, we feel good!

This goes alongside with taking the time to connect with yourself everyday. Your natural beauty will shine through when you feel connected with yourself and realize your worth and true potential. Once you feel confident in yourself–everyone else will see it too!

Tip 2: Find pieces of clothing that speak to you and make you feel confident.

Self expression, being unique and authentic, and finding your place in the world is part of what life is about. There are many ways we can express our true selves and what we wear is one of them. When you learn which colors, patterns, accessories, and articles of clothing look the best on you–you will be unstoppable! You can draw inspiration from anything as long as it makes sense to you and makes you get excited to get dressed!

Setting yourself apart in a professional environment is crucial to making sure you thrive in the workplace. When you take your professional image and appearance seriously, so will everyone else and you will notice how you are approached.

Tip 3: Determine how you want to show up to the world.

You have to think about how you want to be perceived and how you want others to react to you. When you are getting dressed, you are choosing what you want to communicate to the world. You can start by choosing a words that you want to describe yourself and use that as a foundation to your wardrobe pieces and how you create your outfits each day. This will help you with your personal brand and in-turn with your professional development.

Take pride in your appearance! You are in control of your life and how you show up in the world.

These 3 style tips to feel powerful and confident in business will have you dressed for success every time! Take action and start incorporating these habits into your life! Put them into practice and COMMIT to what speaks to you. As they say, it takes roughly 66 days to form a habit. So see if you start to feel a difference in your confidence. Remember, YOU are in charge of your life!

As a helpful guide–I have included my Back to Work Essentials Checklist. No more questioning about what you need in your closet that will make you look and feel great at work! These Essentials will be the foundation for your wardrobe and help alleviate the stress of going back to the office. You can download it by clicking here!

Moreover, if you’re ready to develop a personalized plan to help you level up your professional image, join me for my next Workshop! (Click) This Level Up Workshop is the best yet, and you’re not going to want to miss it!

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