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With so much going on in the world right now, getting dressed should be the least of your worries! I have helped many women during these uncertain times transition their image and style to fit their current needs and wants. I know it can be stressful not knowing what to wear and completely not wanting to get ready because you don’t know how to dress confidently. That is why I’m here to share these three style tips to never forget so you stay motivated and inspired to always look and feel your best!

ONE – Style and Image Matter, Always Make an Effort!

Never forget that people will treat you the way you show up! What we wear and how we carry ourselves sends a very loud message and influences people’s perception of us. Understanding our style personality and developing our professional image are some of the most powerful communication tools we have. At the beginning of every season, write down your current and future goals. Then, ask are you looking the part? If not, make the adjustment so you always show up ready!

TWO – All Color is Not Equal!

As we evolve, one of the greatest things we can do to ensure we always look on point is to manage the colors we wear. I always tell people a red is not just a red, and a blue is not just a blue. Colors are mixed with black, brown, white, and grey to create various tones. If you’re wondering what your tones are, take note of the garments that people give you the most compliments on and how it appeals to your complexion. If you need more help, I have helped hundreds of women recognize their perfect shades and always find the color schemes made for them!

THREE – Match your Wardrobe to Your Current Lifestyle!

One of the major reasons why a person with a closet full of clothes tells me they have nothing to wear is because their life has changed and their wardrobe couldn’t keep up! You have to evaluate how you are functioning these days and whether or not your clothes represent you well. For a woman’s wardrobe to truly function–it must match her lifestyle and desires. Hanging on to clothes that no longer fit into your habits will only frustrate you.

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You know you deserve to feel confident and beautiful, and you are in control of your wardrobe! Getting dressed in a timely manner every morning gives the freedom to focus on other areas of your life. Once you know how powerful your image and presence is–you will no longer feel stressed about getting dressed! I know there are a lot of trends being introduced and reintroduced to us all the time and it’s hard to keep up. But if you practice these three style tips to never forget in order to help curate outfits that make sense and feel good–it will make your life so much easier!

Contact me TODAY if you are ready to revamp your wardrobe and learn how to dress for success everywhere you go! Whether you are going through a transition in your life or simply struggle to get ready and feel confident–let me help you find your perfect fashion pieces and build a plan that will take the stress out of getting dressed!

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