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Living through the year 2020 means that worldwide we all faced the same issue… how to confidently get dressed for a new type of morning! In a time when we all lived locked in, there was absolutely no need for formal attire. In fact, with news reports every day about a voraciously spreading global pandemic gaining deadly strength by the second, what to wear inside the house was the last thing on our minds. Now, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Business is resuming, gatherings are carefully returning, and face-to-face interactions are finally becoming viable once again. Returning to the outside world and figuring out what to wear as we reemerge to attend events can be overwhelming!

5 Reasons Why You Have Not Been Able to Confidently Get Dressed During COVID

First of all, it’s completely understandable to let your style take a backseat when you are focusing on remaining healthy and concerned about your loved ones. So don’t feel guilty that you let your image suffer. As a style strategist and an ever-evolving woman, I understand how life events—both good and bad—and transitions change up your whole lifestyle which can shake up and even confuse your style preferences. The important thing to know is that once you are ready to take back charge of your style and image, you are not being selfish! Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup! So if you don’t feel confident in your own skin, how will you fulfill your life’s purpose and take care of those you love?

Of course, when coming up with a solution for anything, you must first identify the issues. So let’s really analyze what was holding you back from confidently getting dressed during the era of COVID-19:

A Major Lifestyle Change

As we transition in life we naturally need to address our wardrobe to ensure we have the appropriate garments we need for the way we conduct business and socialize. When COVID hit, we all went through a major lifestyle change without warning! No one could have expected that we would be hanging up our traditional business suites or business casual looks for sweat pants and a t-shirt. Honestly, who could have ever been prepared for that?

Forgetting to Honor Your Body

Look at yourself in the mirror and remember all that you’ve accomplished thus far! Your body is the beautiful capable vessel that has carried you through all that you’ve worked through to become the woman you are today. This is not cheesy, it’s true! How you view yourself and what you say about yourself affects you. So please, respect your body. Treat it well, nourish it, embrace it, love it, and dress it beautifully.

Disconnecting from Your Sense of Style

Living in loungewear and sweats for a large chunk of 2020 may not have everyone excited to rotate outfits from their closets again. It’s totally normal for you to emerge from any major life event feeling like you don’t vibe with your wardrobe anymore. Luckily, I won’t let you panic. It’s just a matter of discovering your renewed sense of style. Everyone has one! And it can switch up too. You know what they say about life plans… well the same can be said for style. You sense of style won’t be written in stone.

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Needs to Practice 5 Habits of Confident Women

Confidence lives in intentional living. So be proud of who you are and what you do. Trying to practice these 5 habits will help you feel more confident and attractive. You can start incorporating these habits into your everyday life right now!

Lack of Outfit Planning

If you are not a lover of lists and planning, then this one may sound crazy to you. But I promise, planning out your outfits based on your schedule is life changing! This tip is so important that I’ve made a button for the link so you can’t miss it! Click the button below to download the Weekly Wardrobe Planning worksheet. If you love it, try planning for a week or two ahead of time or even a month. I guarantee that it will help you confidently get dressed.

5 Reasons Why You Have Not Been Able to Get Confidently Dressed During COVID

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