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How to Develop Individual Style in 5 Simple Steps

Are you sick of wearing loungewear and feeling BLAH all the time wondering how to develop your individual style? You may even feel like you no longer know how to dress yourself and don’t even get me started on the lockdown weight gain. You’re not the only one! Women all over the world have been going through this, so this is your sign to take back charge of your style this Summer!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to work from home in comfort, but you can still find styles to rock that make you look and feel good behind the screen. There’s not a more perfect time to reconnect to your unique individual style than now.

Have you ever thought about how different your life would be if only you knew how to develop your individual style? You know, a look that sets you apart from the rest but also means business! Although, you are never to take life too seriously, it’s time to get serious about your style and image.

Sometimes you can’t even blame yourself when your style is no longer aligned with who you are. That’s right! Life gets in the way and unapologetically tosses us through victories, losses, promotions, relationships, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. And that’s only a short list of the thousands of life transitions that women go through. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to CATCH UP with life and forgetting that our wardrobe needs to morph as we settle into new seasons of our lives.

Change Your Life with this FREE Master Class

So if you are a woman feeling like your clothes no longer reflect who you truly are, then keep reading. This is a problem that I’ve gone through SEVERAL times. Transitioning from college to career to a new state to having kids to running a business, I’ve had to re-evaluate my individual style more times than I can count! And I’m sure all of you reading this can relate.

Let’s Be Honest

It can be hard letting go of clothes that remind you of the woman you used to be. I will admit, at times, it can feel like a break up. But hey, that’s life and learning to get rid of what doesn’t serve you is growth! Know that you are ever-evolving and you need to properly welcome in the woman you are becoming. This is why it’s so important to check in with yourself and notice how your wardrobe makes you feel. If what you’re wearing on a daily basis doesn’t make you feel like you’ve finally “made it,” then it’s time to make some major wardrobe changes!

Robin Fisher styled in a floral top and jeans - Spring Style | How to develop individual style

Of course, I wouldn’t let you navigate this alone. So I created a Master Class all about harnessing your individual style that you are welcome to attend for FREE!

Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Time: 7:00PM EST
Location: Zoom (Link will be sent the morning of)

During this Master Class, you will learn how to:

  • Honor your individual style
  • Always ensure you are dressed appropriately
  • Define the different categories of dress
  • Develop your style and wardrobe with the 4 step proven Polished Method

Although you’ll get the most out of the Master Class through joining me LIVE on May 19th, a 48-hour replay will be available!

Make sure to grab a spot as quick as you can by clicking the button below because spots are LIMITED and sure to fill up fast!


Change Your Life with this FREE Master Class - How to develop individual style

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