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For some reason, there are women who believe that solid professional branding comes down to an unlimited budget and a closet bursting with clothing options. Allow me to debunk that myth through this blog post. And just to clarify, having a closet full of clothes doesn’t necessarily signify great style. Nailing your professional brand is about honoring your personal style and image.

Remember that the most influential factor of your professional brand is YOU. Your image is serious business just as is your communication at work. The bottom line is that management considers more than just numbers when looking to promote or hire. You can be significantly increasing your company’s ROI, but if you’re dressed in ill fitting casual attire, you’ll easily be looked over. I encourage you to stand out at work by dressing your best for the job.

You don't need a closet full of clothes and an unlimited budget to professionally brand yourself

Upgrading your professional look to match your personal style will help you motivate you. The confidence you’ll exude from knowing you look amazing will push your work to match the high functioning level your image portrays. Also, your professional style will non-verbally communicate to your boss and peers that you mean business! Maybe it will even help drive you to making the leap of starting your own business. I’m telling you, the abilities that a well tailored outfit unlocks in you is almost magical. And if you don’t believe me, that should give you reason enough to try it for yourself!

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How can you define your style so it reflects in your professional wardrobe? By defining your personal Style Statement! Click the button below to download the free workbook that will help you identify your personal Style Statement. Once you complete the workbook, you’ll have a clear picture of how to transform your professional branding to match your Style Statement!

You do not need an unlimited budget or closet full of clothes to brand yourself!

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