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Image is an important aspect in being a successful professional, so let’s get into why your personal style might be affecting your career. As peculiar as it sounds, don’t let anyone tell you any different, my friend!

One of the major factors that determines a professionals first impression is their personal style and overall appearance. One of my CEO clients said it best, “Your personal style is the key to success. It can be the difference between a yes or a no.”

Doing the work and slaying the tasks you are assigned is one thing. But putting in the work to look the part is some overtime that is totally worth it! As long as you are working hard toward your professional goals, you deserve to move on to the next level in your career. So when I tell you your style might be affecting your career advancement, jump into action!

3 Reasons Why Your Style Might Be Affecting Your Career *CLICK*

There are three very important reasons why your outward appearance and personal style might be affecting your career:

  1. Your personal appearance might not be communicating that you are ready for business!
  2. Ultimately, your personal appearance might not resonate with the corporate brand that you are being paid to represent.
  3. Moreover, your current personal appearance and presence might not possess the strength of a Senior Manager or Executive.

Now, all work environments are not the same, so they will have different dress codes. Even during virtual meetings, I recommend that you always respect the formal dress code of your company (Business Casual, Traditional Business, and Casual).

Also, dressing for your daily functions is very important! Simply said, being comfortable supports productivity. With all the advancements made in the material sector of the fashion industry, there is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable in your clothing. So take your time and pick your items wisely.

Why Your Style Might Be Affecting Your Career *Learn More*

Planning your outfits ahead of time helps…

For years, I have been using a planning worksheet to plan my looks for the week and I want to share it with you! As a working mom and wife that loves a good date, it’s important that I take charge of my week before it even starts to take the stress out of getting dressed in the morning.

So, here you go!

Additionally, follow these 5 Steps to Managing Your Professional Image to get your work habits in check.

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