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Put away the scale because you do not need it to determine that you look amazing! Starting now, we are respecting our bodies by treating them right. This means we love our bodies, nourish them and only speak about them positively and lovingly!

Female bodies fluctuate! That’s just the cold hard truth. Personally, as an adult woman, I have been everything from a dress size 6 to 20. We all own that one pair of jeans that fit perfectly some days more than others. So if you are a woman who believes you don’t deserve to upgrade or update your wardrobe until you lose a few pounds… I’m going to have to bluntly tell you to LOSE THAT MINDSET! You owe it to yourself to look amazing as you go up and down the scale.

You Don't Need to Be in Perfect Shape to Look Amazing It's All About the Clothes

Mindset Shift

A large component of loving ourselves and our personal style is working on a mindset shift. Now, this may not happen over night. Get into the habit of treating yourself and your body with as much care as you do with your best friend. You wouldn’t look your bestie in the eye and tell her that she would look better in that outfit if she lost a few pounds. You wouldn’t tell her that she should throw on a looser fitting top to hide her body. That would be awful, right? So WHY in the world would you look YOURSELF in the mirror and say those things about your own body?

All you need is to wholeheartedly believe you deserve to look amazing right now! Giving yourself permission to love who you are in this very moment frees you to reflect that in your wardrobe. So the next step is getting your style back on track with the woman you’ve worked so hard to become as well as your future goals. Your personal style also needs to be aligned with your lifestyle.

Women of all sizes confident in their bodies

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And remember that when shopping for clothes, designers don’t actually know your measurements. So be sure to find a trustworthy tailor because getting your clothes fitted right for you is a game changer!

You don't need to be in perfect shape to look amazing, it's about the clothes!

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