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The secret weapon of many women with great style is their Tailor! Even though I am from a family of master tailors and was known for making my outfits for the party or even school at the last minute, I never understood the power of a tailor until I was good and grown, with a body to match! LOL

There are two types of clothing, those that fit, and those that do not.

Many people think that tailors are expensive, but I’m here to tell you they are not, and totally worth the money!

How many times have you been walking and your pants are gaping at the waist, making you feel self conscious? God forbid your undergarments show during your meeting while sitting down. Or, when you have the perfect shirt, but it’s making you look larger than you are because it’s too big on the sides.

These are two examples of how a tailor can help with a simple $15-$20 fix.

Check out the current average tailoring prices for 2020 (prices may very based on clothing material):

Tailoring Prices:

  • Shorten dress-shirt sleeves: $19
  • Shorten jacket sleeves: $23 (without buttons) to $28 (with buttons)
  • Take in the body of a jacket: $40 (two seams) to $52 (three seams)
  • Take in a dress shirt: $20
  • Adjust the shoulders of a jacket: $35
  • Hem a skirt or dress: $10-$14
  • Take in or let out a skirt or pair of pants: $15 (unlined) to $20 (lined) or $25 (with a zipper)
  • Shorten top-stitched pants: $10
  • Lessen length of cuffed pants: $14
  • Shorten lined pants $14
  • Make shorter lined and cuffed pants: $18
  • Take in a sheath dress: $45
  • Re-stitch a fraying seam: $5
  • Replace buttons: 50 cents each
  • Move a button: $2
  • Add a hook and eye: 50 cents per set

Source: Thumbtack

Now, we all like a good bargain, but just because you got it for a low price does not mean it’s not worth being altered. So, let’s make sure all the wardrobe items we buy are perfect. Tailoring them for our bodies makes our clothing look more expensive, like they were custom made.

I’ve developed product all over the world, and in the fashion industry there is no standard sizing chart. Know that fashion labels make their own based on who they feel their demographic is. Therefore, we have got to take the way our clothes fit our bodies, which ultimately translates to the way we feel in them, into our own hands!

Where can you find a great tailor?

If you’re looking for a great tailor in your region, YELP is where you can find them! The reviews on Yelp will help you make the right choice. Trust me, if a tailor messes up someone’s clothes, they will definitely leave a detailed review on YELP!

Simply put in your zip code and choose a 5-10 mile radius and all the tailors in your region will come up.

Stop settling, and get that fit perfect for YOU!



How to perfect the fit of your clothes - hint: hire a tailor

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