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The Polished Style Lab

If you’re tired of feeling frumpy and stressing off of what to wear every day, it’s time for you to join the The Polished Style Lab this Summer. Why hesitate? If you are ready to upgrade your personal style and image and feel confident every time you log onto Zoom or step into a room… your time is NOW!

Let’s unleash that confident woman who you know is inside of you! Individual unwavering confidence is not something you can put a price tag on. And no need to worry, this isn’t one of those courses that provides a temporary fix! During the Style Lab, I will teach you how to dress yourself based on your body type, natural beauty and lifestyle. Learning how to be your own STYLE EDITOR will give you the knowledge and ability to remain the best version of yourself for life!

Now Accepting Applications for the Summer 2021 Polished Style Lab

“The Polished Lab program impacted my life and confidence. I know have the ability to express my personal growth from the inside out.”

– K.N.

After working so hard in the Polished Style Lab, you will be delighted at the self esteem boost that is sparked when you begin effortlessly putting outfits together. Elevating your style can even push you to make those leaps. As a result, you’ll ask for the raise, promotion, turn your side hustle into your full time job, or catch the eye of a special admirer! You’re a woman with no limitations! So don’t hinder your growth due to style. Growth is something that continuously happens at any age, so commit to looking good doing it!

Let’s review what we’ll get done together in the Polished Style Lab:

First, we DEFINE

  • Define your Individual Style Personality
  • Define your personal body type and the best silhouettes to flatter
  • Define your personal coloring and identify your most powerful colors

Second, we REFINE

  • Refine your current wardrobe needs based on your lifestyle
  • Refine the way you think about your body and the way you dress
  • Refine your eye so you become your own personal style editor

Next, we EDIT

  • Edit your wardrobe confidently to clear the clutter
  • Edit the way you shop, ensuring you buy exactly what you need
  • Edit the way you put outfits together so you know you are looking the part

Then, we UPDATE

  • Update your wardrobe based on your current style and image goals
  • Update your wardrobe with items that make you look your absolute best
  • Update your wardrobe with everything you need to confidently get dressed with ease

Finally, we CREATE

  • Create your personalized outfit formula so you love your reflection in the mirror
  • Create the outfits for your lifestyle that make you feel confident and powerful
  • Create the style confidence you need to manage your personal style and image

… and much more!

Woman thinking about applying to the Polished Style Lab

“The Program has given me such confidence and a level of comfort and acceptance of the body I’m in”

– N.R.

In conclusion, does reading about everything that The Polished Style Lab have to offer get you excited? Perhaps a style strategy is all you need. Then, take the quiz to receive your customized style strategy. If you’ve taken the quiz and you still feel stuck, I encourage you to apply to The Polished Style Lab and we’ll discuss if it’s the right program for you.

Finally, if you are ready to take the wheel and control your life so you can surpass all your goals, don’t hesitate! Remember, you can get anything you want in life as long as you dress for it! Click the button below to apply to The Polished Style Lab Summer ’21 Class! Since this is such an intensive program where I work intimately with members, spots are very limited. So apply Today!

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