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Your closet clutter can bog up your mind which makes it difficult to focus. As a woman, your To Do list is never ending and you most certainly don’t have time to worry about the state of your closet 24/7. When most days feel like a race to check off as many things as possible before the sun goes down, your focus has to be unwavering. So why not deal with the closet clutter once and for all so you can focus on what matters?

A main problem that having closet clutter can cause is STRESS. A closet that is bursting with options will stress you out because of the lack of order and not knowing what to wear. It can actually cause bad style! The most important thing to keep in mind when going through your closet is to get rid of what doesn’t serve the current you.

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When you reach for something in your closet each morning, no matter the occasion, you want to feel confident and look great in your choices. So let’s get into how to narrow down your closet so that you are only left with the absolute best choices for your current lifestyle.

Commit to Nailing Your Personal Style

Every woman has a personal style. And to look amazing every day, you have to be confident in your personal style. Of course, first you need to identify what your style is exactly so you can shop for the correct items that make you feel amazing. Start off by taking the Get Your Style Back on Track Quiz to receive a custom Style Strategy. This will help you pinpoint where you’re at in your journey of defining your style and the next steps you need to take.

Respect and Celebrate Your Body

You can look fabulous right now! So respect your body and get rid of all the clothes you have that don’t fit you correctly. If it’s been hanging with tags on it for years and you’ve been planning to take it to the tailors, then stop waiting! Sometimes we own clothes that we can’t fit into thinking it’ll motivate us to lose weight, but let me tell you that causes more harm than anything. What it comes down to is if seeing an item in your closet makes you feel disappointed in yourself… get rid of it! It is not serving you right now. You can look fabulous at any size if you give yourself the permission to LOVE your body!

Clear the Clutter to Allow Room for the Best YOU

Now it’s time to get serious! Clear out the closet clutter. What doesn’t serve you no longer deserves space in your closet nor your mind. So it’s time to bag it up and donate it. Make room for the woman that has achieved so much thus far so you can look amazing effortlessly every day.

Why Closet Clutter is Stopping You from Looking Your Best

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