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Do you feel stressed every morning when you’re getting dressed? Do you feel like your professional image doesn’t match your skills? If so, you might need a plan and some guidance. That’s why, my friend, I’m sharing my secrets with you today. You can get my FREE download of The Polished ID™ Playbook and start polishing […]

The Polished ID™ Playbook

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Are you overwhelmed every time you go to get dressed in the morning? Are you confident in what you bring to the table professionally, but your image doesn’t match? What you need is a strategy and a guide, my friend. So I’m spilling my secrets for you today with a FREE download of The Polished […]

The Polished ID™ Playbook

Personal Style, Professional Image

There is nothing worse than feeling like we have bad style and that we don’t rise up to the occasion. That’s why I’ve created the Polished 5-Day Style Challenge to help us get back to feeling our best selves! I know many of us have been living in sweats and leggings for quite some time […]

Polished 5-Day Style Challenge

Personal Style, Professional Image

This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting POLISHED. How you accessorize has the power to elevate an otherwise basic outfit–and making sure those accessories accentuate your style personality will truly pull your whole look together! There are only […]

3 Statement Items Every Professional Woman Needs

Personal Style, Professional Image

Style is not something that comes easy to everyone, which is why I designed The Polished Style Lab. This is a 6 week program that will help you transform your style and wardrobe to fit your wants and needs. Every woman deserves to feel like she is on top of the world–whether she’s in the […]

Join The Polished Style Lab – A 6 Week Style and Image Development Program

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Style is not something that comes easy to everyone which is why I designed The Polished Style Lab. First and foremost, every woman deserves to feel like she is on top of the world whether she’s in the board room, a virtual meeting, or on the sideline cheering for her kids! While you can easily […]

Join The Style Lab – A 6 Week Style and Image Development Program

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If you’re in the market for a life changing experience that will have you looking and feeling amazing every time you step out of the house, then look no further. Consider joining The Polished Style Lab Fall 2021 Cohort! Put an end to feeling like you consistently fall short. It’s time to embrace your confidence […]

Apply to the Life Changing Fall 2021 Polished Style Lab

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A topic I find so important to share with my clients is how to uncover your personal style. It is something that often women will tell me they don’t have. What these women don’t have is a clue about what their personal style is, but they all do truly have one! What happens is that […]

How to Uncover Your Personal Style, YES You Have One

Personal Style, Professional Image

A lot of what makes your personal style stand out is the confidence you wear along with it and learning how to overcome feeling insecure can be a part of that. A fabulous outfit is nothing if you don’t feel like you are on top of the world while wearing it. You also don’t have […]

How to Overcome Feeling Insecure Without Changing Who You Are

Personal Style, Professional Image

Listen, we’ve all been lacking when it comes to fashion this past year, so I’ve formulated the Five Day Style Challenge to help us all get back to feeling ourselves! Especially for those who were living in sweats once lockdown came around, separating from those comfy clothes is not easy. But somebody has to tell […]

Introducing the Style Challenge So You Can Dress Your Best Always

Personal Style, Professional Image

It’s possible for every woman to be stylish so long as you remember 3 valuable style tips. This is knowledge that you can keep in mind when going through your closet no matter what stage of life you are in. Especially with how connected we are to the world today, we can see thousands of […]

3 Valuable Style Tips That You Need to Know

Personal Style, Professional Image

Manifesting is a tactic used to improve your life and managing your style can help! Sure, a positive mindset and can-do attitude will get you far, but looking the part will give you a solid boost. Some may view this as materialistic, which is completely understandable. But to be blatantly honest, we live in a […]

How Managing Your Personal Style Will Improve Your Life

Personal Style, Professional Image

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