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If you’re in the market for a life changing experience that will have you looking and feeling amazing every time you step out of the house, then look no further. Consider joining The Polished Style Lab Fall 2021 Cohort! Put an end to feeling like you consistently fall short.

It’s time to embrace your confidence and bust through any limitations you once thought were preventing your growth. Success lies in how you carry yourself. So answer honestly… how have you been carrying yourself? How do you wish you were carrying yourself?

Your desires are attainable! You are a woman and in case you haven’t heard, we can do ANYTHING. Of course, all incredible things take hard work.

So are you ready to commit to yourself? Commit to making your style and image the absolute best it can be?

You’ve never peaked. You still have so much time to LIVE your BEST life. And here’s how…

I decided to join so that I can take my game to the next level. I have a closet that I love now and clothes that make me feel both polished and refined. Now I feel more prepared to move up the corporate ladder with the confidence that I can dress the part!

C. Taylor
How to Develop Style and Build a Wardrobe You Love!

Join The Polished Style Lab! This is a life changing image and style development program specifically formulated to assist high achieving women in succeeding in every aspect of their life by how they control their personal style. Over the course of 6 weeks, participants will:


  • Define your Individual Style Personality
  • Define your personal body type and the best silhouettes to flatter
  • Define your personal coloring and identify your most powerful colors


  • Refine your current wardrobe needs based on your lifestyle
  • Refine the way you think about your body and the way you dress
  • Refine your eye so you become your own personal style editor


  • Edit your wardrobe confidently to clear the clutter
  • Edit the way you shop, ensuring you buy exactly what you need
  • Edit the way you put outfits together so you know you are looking the part


  • Update your wardrobe based on your current style and image goals
  • Update your wardrobe with items that make you look your absolute best
  • Update your wardrobe with everything you need to confidently get dressed with ease


  • Create your personalized outfit formula so you love your reflection in the mirror
  • Create the outfits for your lifestyle that make you feel confident and powerful
  • Create the style confidence you need to manage your personal style and image

… and much more!

Style + Image | Learn How to Develop Your Style!

Before The style lab I felt frumpy! Enrolling in the Style Lab was one of the best decisions I could have made. I have learned so much and I am implementing EVERYTHING I have learned. I wish there was a part 2.This program is a life changer, I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

K. Janifer

The best part is you don’t have to go through the Style Lab alone. This is an intimate program where I only accept a small number of women ready to take back control of their style and image! You’ll have community support as well as access to my 25+ years of fashion industry expertise through weekly calls with me and your cohort.

In conclusion, does reading about everything that The Polished Style Lab have to offer get you excited? It’ll help you stop agonizing over what to wear every morning. Are ready to level up your life? If so, I encourage you to apply to The Polished Style Lab! Click the button below to schedule a call with me where we’ll discuss your style and image needs and if this is the right life changing program for you.

How to Finally Stop Stressing About Your Style

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