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A new season doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new closet, but adding a few updated items may just give your wardrobe the boost it needs. Fall is fast approaching and if you’re like me, you can finally get some peace because our kids are back in school! LOL

Whatever you choose to do with that peace is up to you! My favorite thing to do is squeeze in some online shopping. And it is just the perfect time to do so since we’re about to enter another season.

While I do feel like some stores broke out the Halloween decorations and pumpkin flavors a little too early, the one thing I know I can control is how prepared my closet is for the Fall/Winter transition.

Fashion + Style | Amazing Online Fashion Finds for Under $50

Being completely honest, I didn’t love the styles that retailers and designers dropped this past season. So I am looking forward to some Fall looks that I can vibe with. I have hope! I mean, it can only go up from here. And I believe that when you add more layers to your outfits, there’s more opportunity to incorporate fashion pieces and trends to make your outfit really stylish.

Also, I LOVE a boot! Over-the-knee, bootie, mid-calf… I love it all! I’m a boot girl, so I often have to hold myself back from adding to my collection.

So grab a glass of wine, cup of tea or coffee and get settled to take a peak at these fashion finds under $50 that are just so good, I had to share with you!




Style | Polished Online Fashion Finds - Great style for under $50


Did you find yourself loving any of these pieces? As always, click on the image so you can purchase. They won’t last long. And if you are looking to join a program where you will be given all the tools to develop your personal style to match your lifestyle and goals, apply to join The Polished Style Lab. Applications close September 1st, 2021.

Fashion + Style | Amazing Online Fashion Finds - Great Fashion Finds for under $50

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