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There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning after a good nights sleep, only to agonize over getting dressed!

This is a frustration that many share due to the current changing times. While professionals rise every morning to go into their offices, many are working from home with a schedule full of Zoom meetings.

If you’ve been finding yourself struggling in the morning lately, trust me, you are not alone.

When you feel this way, something in your lifestyle often has changed and it’s time to check in with yourself. Here are 4 of the top reasons why your current wardrobe is stressing you out!

Quote - "In order for your wardrobe to function, it must match your current lifestyle." ~Robin Fisher | Blog post about getting dressed

1. Your wardrobe needs have changed

If you are one of the many people who are now working from home or a combination of home/office, then your wardrobe could be out of wack. Your need for casual/lounge looks have most likely increased, while your need for more formal business attire has decreased. If this is the case, I recommend pulling all of your casual clothes to the front of the closet so that you can see them. And if you realize you don’t have many casual clothes, add a few jeans and matching lounge sets to your wardrobe to balance it out. Always remember, “your wardrobe must match your lifestyle for it to function”. I promise if you remember that, it will help your dilemma of getting dressed.

2. You need to clear the clutter

Is your closet jam-packed? Trust me, if you know that you have items in your closet that you never wear, are too small or big, damaged or just dated, you, my friend, are part of the problem! You’ve got to get those unusable items out of there! How can you easily find the good stuff, if your interviewing suit from undergrad is in the way? You’ll have to dig, which is frustrating. So take some time to clear the clutter. If the thought overwhelms you, I recommend choosing a category every day such as dresses on Friday, pants and skirts on Saturday, and tops on Sunday.

Here is why | Getting dressed in the morning is stressful (CLICK)

3. You’re missing key basics

I love a woman with great style, and many of my clients have it, but they have issues coordinating outfits. The reason many times is because they are missing core basics that are essential for creating a look! These basics are the items that you walk right past and don’t get you excited at retail. I’m talking about the neutral black, navy and grey pants and skirts that appear to be boring. But the truth is they have all the power when it comes to getting dressed! You can have a killer new top you’re dying to wear, but if you don’t have a basic black slack to coordinate with it, the top just hangs sadly waiting to be worn. So if you are a person that has great items but struggles to put outfits together in the morning, take inventory of your basics and fill in the holes.

4. It’s time to pre-hang your looks

I pride myself in being able to be fully dressed and glammed in 30 minutes. Honestly, that’s all the time your girl has in the morning. Between the husband, kids, and running a business, I have to save my primping time for the weekends. One of the tricks I’ve learned over the years to save me time and stress is to pre-hang my looks for the week. At any given time, I will always have 5-7 styled looks hanging in my closet. I use the Polished Weekly Planning Sheet to quickly get focused and organized based on my activities for the week. Try it, you’ll love it!

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Hate getting dressed in the morning? Here's why

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