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Woman sitting in her closet that is a mess with clothing scattered across the ground

Agonizing over what to wear in the morning, it can be enough to ruin a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you are thumbing through a rolodex of clothing options in your head and nothing seems right. Maybe you find yourself wishing you had pieces to make a look complete. Or you might even have no clue where to begin.

Add into the mix our evolving times where some businesses are up in the air planning a hybrid workplace while some are refining work from home procedures. WHAT do we wear when life is all over the place? How do we ensure that our wardrobe doesn’t look all over the place?

First off, take a deep breath! You are not the only one feeling completely lost in the wardrobe department.

How to Stop Stressing Over What to Wear! | Image of woman's messy closet with clothing scattered across the floor

What we all have in common, is that none of us have extra time in the mornings to be mulling over outfit options or trying on endless combinations that make us feel blah. Between mom duties, executive decisions, preparing for promotions, self care, returning to the workforce, or even getting ready to branch into our entrepreneurial dreams, spare time in the mornings is next to non-existent.

So let’s get into why your wardrobe is creating more stress in your daily routine:

Your Wardrobe Needs Have Changed

This whole past year was full of surprises. Needless to say, nobody’s life is the same as it was before. Your personal or career trajectories may have changed drastically. This may include a major move, a career change, updates to your relationship status, perhaps more members added to your family. All in all, your wardrobe needs to match your current lifestyle. If you look into your wardrobe and get nostalgic about the several different versions of the woman you used to be, that can cause confusion and a headache. So buckle down and honestly evaluate where you are in life and where are you going—literally. If you are staying at home more often, prioritize a casual wardrobe. If you happen to be going out, make sure you have updated pieces for going out and looking your best. The same applies if you’re going into the office from time to time. Make room for updated business wear, but there’s no need to have a closet bursting with suits if your job is mostly conducted virtually now.

Clear the Clutter

Once you’ve gone over your wardrobe needs, it’s time to take action. Agonizing over what to wear will end once you clear out all your irrelevant clothing. Take a serious look at those items that have been hanging for years with the tags still on but have never made its way onto your body. The clothing that you bought with plans of getting it tailored, but never made the time to bring it in. If you are not wearing it, you have no use for it. These clothing items are no longer serving you, so why allow them to take up space? Believe it or not, de-cluttering your closet will de-clutter your mind! The Marie Kondo effect is real! AND you don’t have to go through your things all at once. I completely understand just how overwhelming that can be. So I recommend choosing a different category each day such as dresses on Friday, pants and skirts on Saturday, and tops on Sunday.

Stop Agonizing Over What to Wear! | Image of woman with clothing scattered across the floor

You’re Missing Key Basics

The best outfit combinations you’ve seen most likely were anchored by basics. Having good quality basics in your wardrobe will help in coordinating stellar outfits. You can have all the fabulous fashion items hanging in your closet that you are dying to wear, but if you don’t have a basic black pant to pair that beautiful patterned top with, then it will remain hanging in your closet forever! So take inventory of your basics so you know what you will need to shop. They may not be the most exciting to purchase, but trust me, once you use them to put an outfit together, you will be SINGING!

Pre-Hang Your Looks

Let me tell you, I am the queen of getting ready and fully glammed in 30 minutes! No time for agonizing over what to wear. One of the tricks I’ve learned over the years to save me time and stress is to pre-hang my looks for the week. At any given time, I will always have 5-7 styled looks hanging in my closet. Try implementing the Polished Weekly Wardrobe Planning Sheet into your routine. Planning your outfits ahead of time will give you so much time back in the mornings you may even have some time for—wait for it—YOURSELF!

How to Stop Stressing Over What to Wear | Image of woman looking stressed over her messy closet with clothing scattered across the floor

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