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Manifesting is a tactic used to improve your life and managing your style can help! Sure, a positive mindset and can-do attitude will get you far, but looking the part will give you a solid boost.

Some may view this as materialistic, which is completely understandable. But to be blatantly honest, we live in a world that values how you present yourself. Mastering the art of presenting your authentic self in the best light possible is a sure fire way to make your dreams a reality.

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It’s all about nailing your personal style and image. Key word… YOUR! You’re ever evolving, so don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses. Worry about keeping up with yourself! Just as you aim to represent your best self at work, why wouldn’t you want to represent your best self off the clock as well?

Not fully convinced? Here are 3 reasons why managing your personal style will improve your life:

Control Your First Impression

Take control of your narrative before someone else does! Making a good first impression matters. Your mom did not lie about this!

It only takes a person 7-15 seconds to form their first opinion of you. Based on the surface, someone sizing you up can form their own assumptions about your…

  1. Profession
  2. Income
  3. Education Level
  4. Lifestyle
  5. And absolutely anything else that comes to THEIR mind when they look at you!

The way you dress makes up 75% of your first impression. Much like treating others the way you’d want to be treated… it’s important that you dress the way you wish to be approached and treated.

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Build Self Esteem

I have experience working with women from around the globe from various walks of life. No matter how different all these women have been, I’ve learned that the one commonality they all share is how confident they all felt when they knew they looked amazing dressed as their authentic self!

Trust me, I’ve been everything from a size 8 to 18. As a plus size woman, I committed to learning the right fabrics, colors, and cuts for my shape. And let me tell you, I was more confident as a plus size woman than I ever was when I was a size 8. Why? Because I knew I was doing it right!

Your personal style is the biggest non-verbal display of your self expression. So curating your look to reflect who you are is a necessity to feeling 100% confident in YOU.

It’s Ultimately Your BRAND

Everything you DO represents who you are. You are your own brand and are representing yourself at all times! How you present yourself to the world leaves a lasting impression.

When someone thinks of you, what do you want them to think about? What do you want to represent?

Why Managing Your Style Will Improve Your Life! - Woman dressed in black mock neck top with high waisted black pinstripe trousers and a tan linen blazer

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