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How you accessorize has the power to elevate an otherwise basic outfit–and making sure those accessories accentuate your style personality will truly pull your whole look together! There are only 3 statement items that every professional woman needs and you probably already own them! These pieces are the difference between looking like you got dressed in a hurry or showing up confident and appearing like you are ready for business! Which woman would you rather look like?

Remember, everything you wear plays a major roll in your personal and professional image and represents who you are! So, be sure that you feel comfortable with the accessories you choose that have the power to send a non-verbal message.

It doesn’t have to be complicated! You can select 3 statement items that go with relatively any outfit in your wardrobe to elevate your look every day. You should already have a wardrobe foundation–if you are unsure about what that looks like, check out our Essentials Checklist where it covers EVERYTHING you need in your closet to feel comfortable and confident.

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3 Statement Items Every Professional Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

Item 1: Timepiece

Watches are one of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit. This is a statement piece that will never fail you! When picking out a watch–consider the face size, the tone of the metal and how it compliments your skin tone, and the quality. You don’t have to be a huge watch fan in order to wear one with your outfits. Find one that works with your wardrobe and is easy to read so that you stay punctual!

Item 2: Classic Handbag

Your purse is such a statement item! It can say a lot about you and give people an idea of who you are. You need to choose a bag that is practical for your lifestyle and help make your life easier! Depending on your job and your daily routine–you will decide whether or not you need a larger piece, a cross body bag, something bold, something that zips closed, etc.! Regardless of what your classic handbag looks like–you need it to make a statement and serve it’s purpose–with style!

Item 3: Shoe Game

It’s important to have a few pairs of shoes in your collection that you know are comfortable, match with your outfits, and make a statement at the same time! It can be challenging to find the perfect shoes that have all these points, but that’s what I’m here for! You need great shoes that suit you for every occasion and help you look put together from head to toe.

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