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There is nothing worse than feeling like we have bad style and that we don’t rise up to the occasion. That’s why I’ve created the Polished 5-Day Style Challenge to help us get back to feeling our best selves! I know many of us have been living in sweats and leggings for quite some time […]

Polished 5-Day Style Challenge

Personal Style, Professional Image

Ever wonder what it’s like to build a wardrobe you love? Are you ready to to stop stressing about your appearance and feeling blah everyday? Is it time for you to update your personal style and start loving your wardrobe again? Well, trust me my friend, you are not alone. We have all been through […]

[FREE Master Class] How to Build a Wardrobe You Love in 4 Simple Steps

Personal Style, Professional Image

Listen, we’ve all been lacking when it comes to fashion this past year, so I’ve formulated the Five Day Style Challenge to help us all get back to feeling ourselves! Especially for those who were living in sweats once lockdown came around, separating from those comfy clothes is not easy. But somebody has to tell […]

Introducing the Style Challenge So You Can Dress Your Best Always

Personal Style, Professional Image

A guarantee that life provides is that there will be times when things get so busy that you may lose sight of what your goals are and how to refocus. Sometimes we become so great at pivoting from all the curve balls life throws at us that we forget we are still on the detour! […]

How to Refocus for the Remainder of 2021

Beauty & Health

Are you sick of wearing loungewear and feeling BLAH all the time wondering how to develop your individual style? You may even feel like you no longer know how to dress yourself and don’t even get me started on the lockdown weight gain. You’re not the only one! Women all over the world have been […]

Change Your Life with this FREE Master Class – How to Develop Individual Style in 5 Simple Steps

Personal Style, Professional Image

For some reason, there are women who believe that solid professional branding comes down to an unlimited budget and a closet bursting with clothing options. Allow me to debunk that myth through this blog post. And just to clarify, having a closet full of clothes doesn’t necessarily signify great style. Nailing your professional brand is […]

Professional Branding – No Need for A Closet Full of Clothes or An Unlimited Budget

Professional Image

Every woman can relate to falling into a style rut. We grow up, our weight fluctuates, we relocate, our career changes, relationships shift, and we may have a few kids. Simply said, life happens. And sometimes the way we dress can non-verbally communicate that we’ve had a rather difficult time keeping up! Have you ever […]

This [FREE] Quiz Will Help You Overcome Your Style Rut

Personal Style, Professional Image

Are you ready to learn about how to create an outfit in 3 easy steps? Did you even know it could be that simple? We’ve all done it! Spending way too much time that we don’t have to spare in our closets just because putting together an outfit we love and look great in is […]

[FREE Master Class] How to Create an Outfit in 3 Easy Steps

Personal Style, Professional Image

After the year we’ve all had, I thought it would be the perfect time to refocus by resurfacing the 5-Day Clarity Challenge. It’s no surprise that many have forgotten to make themselves a priority and I do not blame them! Just a reminder that putting yourself first is not selfish since you need to be […]

New Year, Better You! Reset and Refocus with the [FREE] 5-Day Clarity Challenge

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