Level up how you show up

As you head back into the office, it’s time to level up your professional image to ensure you look the part and feel confident going to work! I’ve curated three mindset shifts you need to make that will help you do just that! Looking the part will help elevate you into those spaces you’re striving […]

3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Level Up Your Professional Style & Image

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Are you tired of waking up in the morning and feeling frustrated about what to wear? This is an awful feeling that many women face, but I am here to offer my guidance and expertise to help you hone in on the foundations of your personal style. First step, take the POLISHED Style Strategy Quiz! […]

Begin Your Journey to Better Style With The Style Quiz

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This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting POLISHED. Something about Spring fashion items just make me feel so light and happy! Especially living in a climate where I experience the full range of the 4 different seasons–Spring clothes […]

Look Your Best This Spring With These 5 Fashion Items

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It’s time to get our Spring ’22 wardrobe together ladies, and yes that includes shoes! And boy have I found some cute footwear for you! This Spring, brands are rolling out ballet flats, Mary Janes, fun dynamic heels, and many more styles–all great components to enhance your Spring wardrobe. When updating your style each season, […]

Spring ’22 Shoes You Need to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

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This season, I’ve been really excited about Spring outfits by gaining inspiration from these top 5 runway shows. I enjoy seeing the unique trends that have been showcased among the different design houses. Actually, catching up on what’s been featured on the runway is how I keep up with the trends. What happens in fast […]

Spring ’22 Dressing Just Got More Exciting With These Top 5 Runway Shows

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As the weather starts getting warmer, and the days are getting longer we know Spring 2022 is just around the corner! With a new season comes time to assess your current style and wardrobe needs. It’s time to take a through look at your wardrobe and purge what you don’t need. Furthermore, this will allow […]

The 5 Spring 2022 Must Haves That Will Have You Looking Amazing

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As a Polished woman, there’s no doubt that your personal style and image matters when it comes to how you’re perceived in the workplace. While your coworkers might be dressed in a throw together semi-work appropriate outfit, you will be dawning a suit or business separates that is tailored to PERFECTION!When it comes down to […]

5 Tips In Order To Love Your Personal Style & Image During Business Hours

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When updating your wardrobe for the season, make sure to go through your cosmetic bag to get ready for the Spring ’22 makeup looks that will pair perfectly with your outfit! You heard me right, it’s not just your clothes that need a good spring cleaning, your makeup looks will benefit from it too! I […]

Simple Spring ’22 Makeup Looks To Keep You Flawless

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Having go to accessories are a necessity to look effortlessly polished everyday. When it comes down to it, there are the 5 basic accessory items every professional woman needs to look her best. When discussing jewelry it’s important to focus on simplicity, we want our accessories to be versatile as well as functional to fit […]

Why The Polished Woman Needs These 5 Accessories to Look Her Best 24/7

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With spring comes fun colors, different silhouettes, and of course, new trends! It can be intimidating to find a place to start regarding how the new season will affect your professional look. So, I’m here to teach you how to master power-dressing with four wardrobe items. Of course, it is important to stay looking professional, […]

How to Master Spring Power Dressing With These 4 Wardrobe Items

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Every morning, opening your closet should be nothing short of a spiritual experience. If you are opening your closet and instantly feeling overwhelmed there’s a problem! You may be feeling a level of guilt because of the sheer amount of pieces you have at your disposal. How can I have so many clothes but nothing […]

The Reasons Why Your Cluttered Wardrobe is Affecting Your Style

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I will scream this from the rooftops… you can have style in your fab 40s and beyond! All you need is a quick wardrobe update! And it’s something as simple as keeping up with yourself and where you’re at in your life. First off, if you haven’t already, get rid of those party outfits you […]

It’s Time to Enter Your Fab 40s & Beyond As Your Most Stylish

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