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Spring '22 Makeup sitting on a granite vanity

When updating your wardrobe for the season, make sure to go through your cosmetic bag to get ready for the Spring ’22 makeup looks that will pair perfectly with your outfit! You heard me right, it’s not just your clothes that need a good spring cleaning, your makeup looks will benefit from it too! I am here to help.

Let’s be specific. You wouldn’t wear dark, moody shades with your happy go lucky Spring wardrobe. Just as the flowers bloom, take this season to let your style and image flourish! If you need more guidance on how to develop a set makeup routine take a look at my Five Step Easy Daily Routine for the Polished Woman.

Now, I understand that not every woman loves to experiment with makeup and spend their free time testing out colors and products. So this is why I have curated a SIMPLE yet polished looks for you to try this Spring. The beauty of makeup is that it allows you to elevate your image as well as compliment and tie together your look. Find what speaks to you and what your are comfortable there are NO RULES!

Beautiful woman applying her skin care in the mirror, for a Spring '22 Makeup look

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Spring ’22 is all about the natural beauty, or the “no makeup” makeup look. A groomed brow and healthy skin are a must. It does not have to be complicated. Most of the time less is more, a pop of color goes a long way. But if you want to step it up a notch or make sure that your makeup look is not dating you, check out four looks you can play around with for the Spring 2022 season below:


1. A Bold Lash, With a Nude Lip

2. Sharp Contoured Cheek, with Blush & Highlight

3. The ‘Perfect Red’ Lip

4. Blush Pink Shadow, & Matching Lip

Spring time brings a whole new aura in the air with wardrobe changes, and exciting new trends. However, make sure you’re putting an equal amount of effort into your skin care and makeup looks as well. Again, only use what you need and keep your makeup looks easy and applicable to your lifestyle. And yes, that means upping the application of your SPF to ensure your makeup has a beautiful base! For extra tips on looking your best take a look at my 5 Steps to Looking Effortlessly Polished Everyday.


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