it's time to reclaim your personal style and LEVEL UP?

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I know that now more than ever you’ve been looking in your closet every day, feeling overwhelmed, and wondering what it would feel like to finally look the part at work and in your professional career. However, your lackluster wardrobe has left you feeling insecure, stressed, and self-conscious.

If only you knew what you needed to do to create amazing outfits that are comfortable, practical, and scream your name every day!

What if you had a personalized roadmap to get you there based on your individuality, personal taste, professional goals, and aspirations? The same proven simple roadmap that I have used for over 25 years, and now teach my 1:1 clients. The same exact roadmap that I used to manage my own professional image and style as I worked in the fashion industry at an executive level for 13 years without ever circulating a resume.

My professional appearance and quality of work did all the talking for me in order to achieve success! Now it’s your time to level up how you show up. 

This is why I’m so excited to share with you my newest workshop, The Level Up Workshop

Who this Workshop is for:

  • You have a closet full of clothes you never wear, knowing that they no longer serve the woman you have become or are becoming 
  • You feel like your appearance should not matter because you are actually overqualified, but you know deep down that it always does 
  • You’ve tried to dress like the other professionals in your industry but you feel like an imposter
  • You know it’s time to stop looking and feeling blah and level up your professional appearance 

What this Workshop will cover:

  • Executive Presence 
  • First Impressions
  • Professional Goal Setting 
  • Personal Brand Statement 
  • Wardrobe/Lifestyle Balance 
  • Updated Dress Codes
  • Style Personalities
  • Wardrobe Capsules 
  • Grooming Rituals 

If you’re ready to feel as confident about your professional image as you do about your professional skill set–this elevating workshop is for you!

Please join me LIVE for The Level Up Workshop: A 2-day intensive workshop to create your personalized Polished Style Blueprint to level up your professional image to position you for success confidently!


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