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As a Polished woman with a never-ending to-do list, an involved makeup routine is just not something you can afford time for when getting ready daily. Although we love a natural beauty, makeup adds that extra little something to make you stunning. It truly can determine between you commanding the attention in a room or blending in the background.

Of course, some women don’t even want to step foot near a beauty counter. I completely understand how glimpses of the beauty world can lead to some finding makeup intimidating and difficult to master. But, likewise, believe that you can conquer ANYTHING!

Listen, I get it! Being flooded with commercials featuring models in unrealistic settings showing off the newest highlighter (and yes, highlighter is something that can go on your face LOL) can be a lot to register. But, on the other hand, the good news is that contrary to what the media might portray… you don’t even need that much product to look flawless!

In fact, you only really need five makeup products to master an effortlessly glam look! That’s right! F-I-V-E! This five step makeup routine is something that I teach all my clients as a necessity to maintaining a Polished image. The process is simple: First, you’ll apply foundation; next, brush on some blush; then, move on to your eyebrows; follow up with mascara; and lastly, top off your look with a lip of your choosing. Subsequently, embrace the powerful, fully capable woman you are!

However, finding the right product shades for your skin tone is crucial. If you are not sure which shades suit you best, you may have to enlist the help of your local beauty counter or find a makeup artist with excellent reviews for a private class. Above all, if your makeup doesn’t match your skin tone, you will look far from Polished! So, make sure to utilize your resources to prevent that.

Click on any of the photos below to shop my favorite makeup brands that I recommend for your five step makeup routine:


FOUNDATION | Evens out your skin tone


BLUSH | Gives your face depth and dimension


EYEBROWS | Defines and frames your face


MASCARA | Accentuates the eyes and your femininity


LIP | Brings your look home!

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