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Beautiful models walking in black and white.

This season, I’ve been really excited about Spring outfits by gaining inspiration from these top 5 runway shows. I enjoy seeing the unique trends that have been showcased among the different design houses.

Actually, catching up on what’s been featured on the runway is how I keep up with the trends. What happens in fast fashion companies will take note of these new styles so they can replicate and manufacture the styles themselves for a fraction of the price. So runway fashion is not only for the high end shoppers–it’s a way to keep your eye sharp!

Beautiful models walking in black and white.
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Of course, I know that if you’re reading this, that means that you’re a Polished woman. And Polished women wear many hats whether that is running a family, a business, or both! You most likely do not have time to sift through the latest runway shows, so that’s why I have a curated a short list for you. Again, my goal is to get you looking stylish and feeling confident in no time. Life is too short of a journey to waste feeling subpar in your clothes!

I’ve picked some of the top runway shows with the Polished woman in mind. Pssst… that’s YOU! Among these top five designers, there’s bound to be looks that you could see yourself rocking!

…Top 5 Runway Shows for Spring ’22…

Huishan Zhang

Source: Vouge | Photo: Giovanni Pucci

Click HERE to see entire collection


Source: Vogue | Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

Click HERE to see entire collection


Source: Vogue | Photo: Alessandro Lucioni / Go

Click HERE to see entire collection

Saint Laurent

Source: Vouge | Photo: Alessandro Lucioni / Go runway

Click HERE to see entire collection


Source: Vogue | Photo: Courtesy of Atlein

Click HERE to see entire collection

Also, don’t be intimidated by price tags. Remember how I explained that every brand likes to follow in the footsteps of designers? If there’s a look you love, use it to inspire you to create a similar look with more affordable items or even pieces you already own!

When prepping your wardrobe for Spring, keep in mind there are some retailers that will be ideal for you and your body type. It would be a great moment to head over to my post on, Spring 2022 – Shop The Right Brands For Your Body Type.


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