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Jewelry and other accessories sitting on top of a black dresser.

Having go to accessories are a necessity to look effortlessly polished everyday. When it comes down to it, there are the 5 basic accessory items every professional woman needs to look her best. When discussing jewelry it’s important to focus on simplicity, we want our accessories to be versatile as well as functional to fit our busy lifestyles. Keeping things simple can help us when we are in a pinch.

We all have had those mornings, where we are in a rush, but still need our style to be on point! As busy women our lifestyles are bound to bring hectic mornings. If you are looking for tips on how to avoid those hectic mornings take a look at my How to Develop a Personal Style Strategy, and Eliminate Stress While Getting Dressed.

When choosing your accessories, first, you want to commit to your metal of choice (silver or gold), and then pick the right style for your taste.

Jewelry and other accessories sitting on top of a black dresser.

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Here are the 5 Accessories to Ensure You Stay Looking POLISHED 24/7…


A quality stud finishes off your everyday look with little effort. It should be your easy go to, and can add any POP to your outfit starting from head to toe.


Another easy way to jazz up any outfit is a great pair of hoops! They are fun, will keep you youthful, and can elevate a look.


Add a focus point to your look with a simple necklace. A pendant necklace never goes out of style and adds a level of simplicity and cleanest to your look.


Send the message that you are professional and timely without having to say a single a word! An added bonus is that a metal watch looks like a bracelet.


Adding a chain statement necklace upgrades your look instantly. You can rock it with a t-shirt, or dress it up with your fav business look!

Woman with nicely manicured hands holding two stud earrings, wearing a white blouse.
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The beautiful thing about accessories is that they have the power to elevate even the most basic outfit. A strong accessory can transcend any trend and should be able to automatically mesh with your current wardrobe. They also have the power to add that POW to any outfit you are looking to spice up for a nice date night, or other special occasion!

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