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Every morning, opening your closet should be nothing short of a spiritual experience. If you are opening your closet and instantly feeling overwhelmed there’s a problem! You may be feeling a level of guilt because of the sheer amount of pieces you have at your disposal. How can I have so many clothes but nothing to wear? It’s simple, your wardrobe is too cluttered!

Well, if you get these feelings often, I’m here to tell you they can definitely be fixed. Having too many clothes, an unrefined and cluttered wardrobe can not only stress you out, but can also affect your style.

Here’s why…

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Just like human beings, fashion evolves. Even if you have a very classic sense of style, fabrics change, colors fade, and new trends arise. If you’ve been holding onto clothes for years that you never reach for, it’s time for it to go.

How can you find the good stuff easily if you have to dig for it every day? Frankly, you’ll forget the good items you even have!

As busy women, are clothing needs are constantly changing. Getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit your lifestyle is a must, and being able to utilize that extra space is an added bonus. Also, as women are bodies are constantly changing, getting rid of clothes that no longer fit or flatter us is important. Getting dressed in the morning should be a ritual you look forward to, but many women find it stressful. If you need an extra resource to better maximize getting dressed in the morning take a look at my Weekly Wardrobe Planning Worksheet.


One of my favorite things to do when I visit Europe is to sit on a bench, sip coffee, and people watch. Parisian women have seemingly nailed the minimal look. The chic appearance of a their outfits elude a level of minimalistic gold. They look effortless and elevated every time. Every cut, color, and item has been carefully selected and tailored to perfection.

When adding new items to your wardrobe, don’t settle! The fashion industry over produces merchandise, so settling on a mediocre fabric, color, and cut that you’re not in love with is not necessary. Be proactive, take the extra time to find fashion labels that cut best for your body and check out their items every season. Doing this will allow you to begin curating the perfect wardrobe for you and your lifestyle.

If you’re an impulse shopper and often buy items because they are on sale, it’s time for you to start editing your purchases. Take the time to do your research on items you are interested in adding, just because it is on sale doesn’t mean you’ll love it in six months. I highly recommend buying items that you can easily make 5-7 new looks with items you already own. When beginning to edit your purchases you can start by asking yourself these questions; Does this item fit with my current style needs?, Will I get my cost per wear with this item?, Where will this piece live in my wardrobe?


Have you ever heard the the phrase, “Show Up How You Wish To Be Addressed”? Well, in my opinion, that’s a personal and business strategy that leads to nothing but SUCCESS!

When your closet is packed with outdated, ill fitting, and lack luster items, you just feel blah (what a confidence killer)!

How can you feel like the BOSS you are when your closet is all over the place?

You should view your wardrobe as a direct extension of you. Therefore, it should always make sense. I implore you to update and edit your wardrobe for the woman you have become, and are becoming. Your clothing should evolve as you do, viewing your clothes as an extension of you is starting you on the path to becoming the most POLISHED version of you!

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If any of this resonated with you, I’m here for you girl!

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