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When it comes to updating your professional style each season, it’s all about finding amazing fashion items to add to your existing business wardrobe that gives your outfits the wow factor. So every fashion season, I analyze the runway shows from NY to Paris to identify the POLISHED woman’s Top Trends of the season. This season, however, […]

Update Your Professional Style With These Amazing Fall 2021 Fashion Finds

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Professional fall wardrobe items

At times the life of a professional woman can be hectic, so what are the things professional women do each week to look polished? Well, let me tell you, as a wife, mom, friend, daughter, and business owner, it’s not easy looking effortlessly amazing every day. Sometimes, all you are trying to do is simply […]

Four Things Professional Women Do Each Week To Look Polished

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This post contains affiliate links to Fashion Finds Under $50. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting POLISHED. A new season doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new closet, but adding a few updated items may just give your wardrobe the boost it needs. […]

Get Ready to Shop Fashion Finds Under $50

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If you’re in the market for a life changing experience that will have you looking and feeling amazing every time you step out of the house, then look no further. Consider joining The Polished Style Lab Fall 2021 Cohort! Put an end to feeling like you consistently fall short. It’s time to embrace your confidence […]

Apply to the Life Changing Fall 2021 Polished Style Lab

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A topic I find so important to share with my clients is how to uncover your personal style. It is something that often women will tell me they don’t have. What these women don’t have is a clue about what their personal style is, but they all do truly have one! What happens is that […]

How to Uncover Your Personal Style, YES You Have One

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Ever wonder what it’s like to build a wardrobe you love? Are you ready to to stop stressing about your appearance and feeling blah everyday? Is it time for you to update your personal style and start loving your wardrobe again? Well, trust me my friend, you are not alone. We have all been through […]

[FREE Master Class] How to Build a Wardrobe You Love in 4 Simple Steps

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This post contains affiliate links to Pre-Fall Polished Fashion Finds. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting POLISHED. I know you may be thinking… “Hey Robin, isn’t it a liiiiittle too early to be shopping for Fall?” Planning your looks ahead of time […]

Pre-Fall Polished Fashion Finds Worth Styling with Confidence

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Agonizing over what to wear in the morning, it can be enough to ruin a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you are thumbing through a rolodex of clothing options in your head and nothing seems right. Maybe you find yourself wishing you had pieces to make a look complete. Or you might even have no clue […]

How to Stop Agonizing Over What to Wear Every Morning

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I’ve been getting excited about the outfits this Fall by gaining inspiration from the top FW21 runways. I love seeing what the upcoming trends will be by following the new collection releases from designers. Actually, catching up on what’s been featured on the runway is how I keep up with the trends. What happens is […]

Gain Real Life Outfit Inspiration from Top FW21 Runways

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Firstly, the thought of dressing up for work after getting a little too comfortable working from home is enough to make us panic. Especially for purgers who took the time to do some major closet cleaning and haven’t quite gotten around to replacing the items they tossed out. Secondly, we know things will never be […]

Dressing Up for Work in a Post-Covid World

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I’ve spent my entire life working in and around fashion, so when I’m asked how women can achieve amazing style, I start with telling them to avoid these 3 mistakes. And they’re not at all the classics that most women are used to hearing: wearing white after labor day; over-accessorizing looks; even socks with sandals. […]

Avoid These 3 Mistakes So You Can Have Amazing Style

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This post contains affiliate links to Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks you need to shop. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting POLISHED. It’s that time of year again. Time for the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! While you can certainly save a few bucks […]

Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks You Need to Shop

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