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We know that what we wear and how we wear it says a lot about who we are and how we want to be addressed. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of fashion–you still need to have a clear understanding of your style personality and which pieces of clothing/accessories are more suited for you. As women, it is natural for us to go up and down the scale. So, understanding your unique refinement points when it comes to dressing your body is key! All garments are not created equal when it comes to how it will drape over your body. Many times, this has nothing to do with your current dress size, or how much you pay for an item. It’s solely because we are all unique and all have different body types, skin tones, and wardrobe tastes/preferences. This is why you must know your refinement points to know what does and does not work for you to dress your body with confidence!

The Refinement Points that are key to presenting a Polished Image and Style are the Following:

1. Fabric

Determining the best fabrics for your body is a major game changer! Pay attention to the weight of the fabrics that flow best over your body. Light-weight fabrics look better on some bodies, while heavy-weight fabrics look best on others. Many times, this has nothing to do with how much you personally weigh, more than it does your DNA. Texture and material are also important because they can help you highlight certain features or hide them!

2. Silhouette

Based on the contour of your body–certain shapes of clothing will make you look your absolute best over others. Many times, these are shapes that balance your body and give you the silhouette of an hourglass. One of the best things to invest in is a tailor when you want to perfect your garments. I often purchase a size up and have my garments tailored to perfection to ensure I feel confident in my clothing regardless of my current body size.

3. Color

As individuals we all pick up light differently based on the natural complexion of our skin, hair, eyes, and even teeth. Therefore, a red is not just a red, and a green is not just a green when it comes to how we will look in it! It’s all about wearing the right shade/tone of color when we want to look our absolute best. To start identifying the best colors for you–pay attention to the colors you are wearing when you get compliments. The goal when you wear color is for it to blend with your natural coloring–not over power yourself.

4. Scale

The key to looking Polished when you add fashion elements to your look, such as accessories or prints, is the scale. Accessories and prints are great, but it’s important to wear the right scale for the size of your body and features. When the scale of the details are correct, you look elevated, elegant, and natural. Make sure your outfits are balanced and make sense to what you are trying to convey and align with your lifestyle.

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At Polished, we know that when you show up looking and feeling your best–you project a confidence that opens doors to opportunities! When you take your personal and professional image seriously–so does everyone else and you are more likely to notice how much more you thrive in every aspect of your life.

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