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Summer footwear has been the hottest topic this season! We know that shoes can make or break an outfit and there’s a lot of criteria we want our shoes to meet–such as, style, price, and comfort. If there is a style of shoe that is universal and is a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe–it’s sandals! That is why I created a list of amazing Summer 2022 sandals under $75 so you walk with confidence this season!

Whether you need a heeled sandal for an outdoor wedding or you need a little extra comfort from an adjustable strap for some Summer activities–there’s a perfect Summer sandal waiting for you!

Sandal 1: Flats

Flats are the perfect Summer shoes to grab and go! The perfect pair can elevate a casual outfit and they offer the greatest comfort.

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Sandal 2: Strappy Heels

Make a statement and accentuate your legs with these strappy stiletto heels. It’s important to find ones that are wide/narrow enough for your foot and are easier to walk in. These strappy heels are a head-turner, for sure!

Sandal 3: Chunky Heel

Chucky heels have been one of the hottest trends this Summer. We have also seen the clear straps and clear heel in every category of sandals and I’m here for it! Not only are chunky heels great to dress up your outfit–they are also comfortable enough to be worn daily or with an casual look.

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Get your pedicures ready because we are rocking the most stylish and amazing Summer 2022 sandals under $75 all season long! Also, if you love Summer fashion as much as me, check out my list of Summer Dresses Under $75 and the best Summer 2022 Outfit Formulas so you look and feel confident this season. It’s time to Level Up How You Show Up!

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