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Is it time for you to have a wardrobe that makes you get excited about getting dressed? If you are unhappy with your clothes, dislike how they make you look and feel, and struggle to put together an outfit that expresses who you are–it’s time for a change! Style should be fun and easy! It should be a way for you to feel confident, empowered, and be taken seriously in your personal and professional environments. Learning how to build and amazing and functional wardrobe is the first step to feeling your best!

One thing that I’ve realized more than ever in the past few months is the importance of checking in with yourself. I’m constantly reminding my clients that as our lifestyle evolves–we need to make sure our wardrobe is keeping up! So, keep reading if you want to learn how to build an amazing AND functional wardrobe that will make your life easier and help you feel ready for anything!

Your wardrobe needs to reflect your lifestyle and location.

Many of us have been working from home so that means we need to be Zoom ready at all times, and we need to feel comfortable but also inspired. These days, I’m working with my clients exclusively from home. Yes it’s comfortable, but the truth is I miss my office so much! I’m sure so many can relate. But, working from home requires me to be 7 people… Being Zoom ready in minutes on top of acting as a chef and being my kids’ Uber driver are just a few of the duties I’ve had to balance lately.

Of course, as I’m updating my wardrobe to my current lifestyle, there are a few things I need to be clear about and wanted to make sure you know too!

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Did you know the region you live in also directly impacts your wardrobe’s needs and fashion taste? The way I style my clients in Washington DC is totally different from how I style my clients in San Francisco or Atlanta. Many women in DC are working in offices that have Traditional Dress Codes, whereas the dress codes in San Francisco tend to be more relaxed. So if you’re spending more time in your own neighborhood, than in the city your office is based in, take note. My office is in formal Washington DC, but I live in relaxed southern Maryland.

This being said, I’ve had to be very clear about my style personality and how I wanted to be perceived everywhere I went. I needed items in my closet that were appropriate for work and I also needed pieces that represented me well when I’m outside of work.

Now, is your closet full of clothes, but everyday you feel like you don’t have anything to wear? This just means that something in your life has changed and you need to reconnect your wardrobe with your current lifestyle. You can download the POLISHED WARDROBE/LIFESTYLE BALANCE worksheet (HERE).

The three major factors that influence the needs of any woman’s functional wardrobe:

Style Personality | Defines how you naturally feel about style (CLICK)

Location | Appropriately style outfits based on where you are going

Lifestyle | How are you functioning over the next 30 days? CLICK to identify your needs

Now, take a seat and think about the changes that you have had in your lifestyle over the last few months. After evaluation, can you see how those changes have impacted your wardrobe needs?

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