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With many of us now working more at home–some of us may be struggling to get ready and feel put-together since we are behind our computer screens all day. One of the biggest things I noticed when I started working from home was that I needed to hold myself accountable and make a conscious effort to show up ready–even if it was only to jump on Zoom for a few minutes/hours. As a Style Coach and Image Consultant, I work with many women who struggle with their professional image and getting their authentic selves to translate through the screen. That is why I put together these Zoom-ready tops that are appropriate and will help you look and feel put-together. There are different styles to choose from, so choose the ones that resemble who you are and your style!

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Top 1: Sleeveless

Top 2: Long Sleeves

Top 3: Prints/Statement Tops

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So let’s be honest… We really know what the Zoom outfit is all about–dressy on the top, and relaxed (sometimes really relaxed) on the bottom! But that’s all you need! Just throw on a top and you’re good to go! These Zoom-ready tops are going to help you feel confident and look the part from the comfort of your home.

Also, I have a FREE Work From Home Wardrobe Capsule that will give you all the tips you need to look and feel your best working from home. This Wardrobe Capsule is filled with inspiration and a detailed plan to ensure you are dressed for success even through your computer screen.

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