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Having updated Outfit Formulas at your fingertips every season will help you save time and stress in the morning.

I review runway shows every season from around the world. In addition, I spend days doing trend forecasting as I did years ago as an executive department store buyer. This takes a lot of time, but the formulas I create, make sure that I look the part during the season!

As the world slowly opens up, we must reintroduce ourselves with confidence and style. Honestly, it does not matter how you presented yourself before the pandemic. This is a very special time, maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to reset your professional image and style and use it as a strategy to get ahead.

So get inspired by these 4 Easy Outfit Formulas that you can rock all season long!

Blazer + Jeans

outfit formula blazer and jeans

Printed Dress + Hoops

outfit formula dress and hoop earrings

Tank Top + Statement Earrings

outfit formula tank top and statement earrings

Solid Day Dress + Slides

outfit formula solid day dress and slides

To finish your look follow the simple Polished Makeup Routine. And if you need some help updating your wardrobe for the season, don’t hesitate to CONTACT me!


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