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3 Statement Items that Make or Break Your Style - including shoes + classic handbag

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I’m always saying that how you accessorize has the power to elevate an otherwise basic outfit. And making sure those accessories accentuate your style personality will truly pull your whole look together! It makes the difference between looking like you got dressed in a hurry while running out the door or showing up confident and appearing like you are ready for business! Which woman would you rather look like?

Remember, everything you wear, plays a major roll in your personal and professional image, and represents who you are! So be sure that you feel comfortable with the accessories you choose that have the power to send a non-verbal message. Don’t worry, once you nail down your personal style, choosing the best items for you will come naturally.

Three Fashion Items You Must Own

Just to clarify, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can select 3 statement items that go with relatively any outfit your wardrobe coordinates so you can easily add them on when you finish getting dressed every day. Feel free to invest in these pieces as you should make sure they are classic, and you love them so much you want to wear them season after season.

Three Fashion Items Every Woman Must Own

It’s time to reveal which 3 statement items you should include in your wardrobe. As always, if you love any of the below fashion items, click on its image to order online.




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Three Fashion Statement Item Must Haves

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