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Always "Look the Part" By Building a Wardrobe You Love

When it comes to building a wardrobe, curating a closet that you will love also means it has to have everything you need to look like the woman you know you’ve worked so hard to become. I understand that this may sound overwhelming! It may even entail a complete closet clean-out. But trust me, you’re going to want your wardrobe to be so YOU that you won’t have to think twice when putting an outfit together.

5 Ways to Building a Wardrobe You Love + Always Look the Part

Of course, in order to identify the wardrobe of your dreams, you need clarity on the type of image you want to portray. Image says a lot about a person, so what do you want your look to say about you? Knowing your style personality can help, as well as tailoring your wardrobe to your lifestyle.

Now, here are five things to know when building a wardrobe that you will love:

    1. Style Personality | Defines how you naturally feel about style (CLICK).
    2. Location | Appropriately style outfits based on where you are going.
    3. Lifestyle | How are you functioning over the next 30 days? CLICK to identify your needs.
    4. Shopping | Only purchase items you love. When you settle, that's the way you feel when you wear an item.
        And who has time for that?
    5. Outfits | When you wear an outfit you love, take note! Recreate it using different colors and textures.
        There is nothing wrong with a uniform. Especially if you have a natural style personality.

Always remember that your style and image are all a part of your brand. Focus on building and maintaining a wardrobe that you feel your best in and know you can confidently rock. Then, it will come easy every time you need to shop for new items to update your closet.

Build a Wardrobe You'll Love with These 5 Steps + Always Look Your Best! #polishedimageandstyle

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