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I’m so grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve my clients in the New Year! I take nothing for granted, including the fact that I’ve been blessed to do the work I dreamed of as a child for over 20 years. I’ve actually lived this fashion life through two careers, one in corporate and the other as a businesswoman, and while neither has been easy, I can say I’m living my dreams…
Every morning, I wake up fired up and ask myself, “What am I doing today that will MAKE PEOPLE BETTER?” I’ve tried at different times in my life to be more selfish, but the truth is my purpose is bigger than me, and I’m 100% okay with that. I actually love it!

I love each and every one of my clients, and they know I do! They always tell me they can feel the LOVE, but I finally heard them in 2018. Many have told me through the years that I’m more then a personal stylist, and that I’ve helped them come full circle in their personal lives and careers. They have been able to step into their authentic beings, or make a life-changing connection that puts them on the “good foot.” (We all need to be occasionally put back on the “good foot” as my southern grandmother would say!)
As I started thinking about my work over the years, I’ve realized that some of my own personal practices and personal development exercises can truly help others! Just maybe someone else who’s struggling with a little something needs my help. I’ve often thought of fashion as my ministry, where I can assist people with building great personal style and confidence. But I also support people who are in transition and need a little something extra to help get them there. My clients have helped me to recognize that I’ve been doing more than styling this entire time.
So this year for the first time, I’m going to open up and just SHARE!  Yep, home girl is going to share my magic sauce for living and creating the best life possible, in hopes that it becomes yours too! Life is just too short and way too awesome to waste being UNHAPPY and STRUGGLING…
So stay tuned, I have some awesome projects coming down the pipeline! I’m so excited to share them with you. It’s time to get our stuff together in 2019, so we can start living the life we deserve! 
Nothing but the best for you in 2019…
– Robin


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