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A great suit is the one wardrobe staple that I recommend all business women have readily available in their closet, regardless of their industry. We all know that the corporate dress codes have significantly relaxed over the years. However, when it’s time to suit up, it’s time to suit up. I can’t tell you how many emergency calls I get every year from clients that are in immediate need of a suit for an interview, TV appearance, or a good old power meeting.


I’ll never forget my first suit purchase 20 years ago in San Francisco. Straight out of college, I wanted to make a statement that I was mature, sophisticated, and smart to the executives of my company. When I looked around, all the Directors, Vice Presidents, and Sr. Managers were well groomed and tailored, despite our highly creative fashion work environment. So with my first check I purchased 3 suits and let me tell you, it was the best investment I ever made!!!


The beauty about suits is that they no longer have to be purchased as sets. Now you can purchase them as separates (a win for women whose top and bottom are different sizes).


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Robin, I don’t work in a Traditional Business work environment”. Yes, this might be true, and neither did I.  However, wearing a blazer with a tailored pair of jeans or wearing the suit slacks with an updated blouse is the way to go in many Business Casual work environments. And the bonus is, if you have to suit up, you’re already ready to go!


Suits were hard to find in the market a few years ago, but over the last year they have reemerged better than ever! Check out a few of my favorite resources for suits below:



































Ann Taylor

















J. Crew



















































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